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January 29, 2015

I'm too tired for a creative title

blanket scarf
blanket scarf
sweater: old navy   scarf: ebay   bots: target   jeans: ? 

Hey look.  Real snow!  This was a few weeks ago and we've gotten so little snow this year.  I really don't mind as I hate driving in the snow, but we've yet to play outside with Addi because the days there's actually been snow on the ground it's been too cold to be outside.  

I've done lots of little projects around our house and can't wait to share them.  Last weekend I painted our bathroom and made some towel hooks that I love!  If everyone can get healthy over here, I hope to finish it this weekend, and share soon.  I should probably stop watching HGTV because I want to do a million projects all the time.  

Thank you for your comments on my post this week.  I know there are moms in the same spot as me, but I just don't see it regularly so it helps to throw it out there every so often and hear that others are in the same place.  While I know it wouldn't be as fun or appealing, it'd be nice to hear and see more of those truths through social media and hear others insecurities or struggles.  So thanks to those that took the time to comment or the few that emailed me.  It is greatly appreciated. 

Speaking of struggles, I hate to be a downer but this week has been straight up hard.  We had not even a week of good health since Addilyn had the stomach flu right after I had it, and now she's had a higher fever for four days and has not been herself.  Her sleep is off, we've been stuck at home, and I'm straight up tired and crabby.  But I know this is a normal part of motherhood and am trying to remind myself that it's part of the job and things will go back to normal soon.  That being said, I'm ready for a healthy streak over here!  

Hope you all have a great weekend!

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January 27, 2015

Family Night In

Content and/or other value provided by our partner, Target. All opinions are my own.

Since my sister and her family moved here, she had the idea of having a family game night every other month.  With kids in the picture it's hard to spend time alone with just the adults.  Having a quadruple date night in with all of us was a great idea! 

Whether it's just you and your spouse, or two couples or four.  Each couple was responsible for bringing an appetizer and a dessert.  

We had Monster cookies, lemon bars, chocolate covered peanut butter cracker sandwiches, lemon cookies and peanut butter cookies.  So many desserts!  Everything was delicious.  

Thanks to Target registry you can have everything you need for a family game night in. Cookware to make appetizers, kitchen aid mixer for desserts.  Wine glasses for drinks, speakers to play music and a camera to take pictures. 
wine glasses    Calphalon Cookware Set  Sonos speakers   Nikon Camera  Kitchenaid Mixer

Addilyn put a little damper on our game participation as she wouldn't go to sleep at my parents, so Chris and I missed out on Settlers of Catan and The Game of Things.  Next time though, we'll be playing games!  I think it was a great idea to have a family game night in, and I look forward to many more.  Check out Target registry for everything you need for your own date night in!

And my favorite part of these posts.  One person gets to win a $25 Target gift card.  Just let me know what you'd bring or make for a family game night in the comments below.  Make sure to leave your email address too!

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January 26, 2015

This is the kind of mom I am

The last few weeks I've felt overly sensitive, extra emotional and struggling with being confident in motherhood.  Addilyn who is an already clingy, needy baby has taken it up a notch over the the last few weeks and it's been hard.  I've felt overly sensitive to comments of her clinginess or her attachment to me.  I feel like she's jumped from a baby to a toddler and I feel kind of lost in how to parent a toddler. 
Lately I see all these moms on instagram or even my friends around me with kids close to Addilyn's age and I can't even count the number of pictures and stories of potty training attempts and big girl beds.  

Here I am still nursing my not so baby in the middle of the night, a few times during the day, she sleeps in her crib, with a pacifier with no thoughts of potty training or big girl beds.  She says mama about a million times a day, I carry her a lot, and she's super attached to me.  

Honestly I am not in a hurry to get her out of her crib or attempt potty training, but it's hard for me not to think we are behind.  To feel like I don't know what I'm doing and second guess that I've messed up in ways I've mothered and habits I have or haven't set.  

I want to raise an independent toddler with soothing skills to be okay away from me in the nursery or at bedtime.  Or gosh I'd love to know when I'll leave her overnight.  But I I'm not sure how or when we'll get to that point.  I feel like we'll have a victory in the nursery or with someone putting her to bed here or there, and then a step back with me coming home to a crying baby not sleeping, or getting paged from the nursery because she won't calm down.  

I feel pressure to reach certain milestones by certain dates.  But I think the majority of that pressure is from myself.  I need to be more confident in my parenting, and the choices we make for our family.  Also in knowing that a good amount of those things, like her crying in the nursery is her and not anything I have done to make her that way.  

I want to be more confident saying this is the kind of mom I am and stop worrying about what people think.  Because chances are they don't even care.  I'm still nursing my toddler.  I get anxious about leaving her at bedtime because she's in a phase of not handling it well.  I carry her around a lot and probably treat her more like a baby then I probably should.  I don't feel prepared to handle teaching and training a toddler.  But I'm doing the best I can.  I'm pretty sure every mom is doing the best they can.  And that looks different for every mom.  

God picked me to be Addilyn's mom.  God picked Addilyn to be my daughter.  I'm the kind of mom that is overly sensitive  and emotional, and I pray that I can use those emotions and qualities to make Addilyn sensitive, and compassionate.   God gave me a daughter that is stubborn, clingy and a little wild.  And I pray that I can use those emotions and qualities to raise a daughter that is brave and strong and doesn't give up. 

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January 25, 2015

If I could . . . .

sweater: ?   pants: old navy   boots: target    scarf: made by my sister in law 

always have old outfit pictures that I haven't shared I'd be pretty happy seeing as I didn't change out of yoga pants all week last week.  

have coffee with a blogging friend it would be Sybil.  This week I've texted her a few times asking for prayer and she's encouraged me and prayed for me and I am thankful for her wisdom and wish we could talk in person.  

buy two new scarves it would be these two:

one  // two

rotate between two sweaters it would be these two: 

one //  two  

recommend a book for you to be it would be Let's All Be Brave.  I'm almost done and I have loved reading it.  

watch one tv show on repeat right now it would be Fixer Upper on HGTV.  I love it and want to do projects in every room in my house now. 

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January 21, 2015

Hardware sensory board

hardware sensory board

I know a sensory board is no new idea, but I thought I'd share the one that we made for Addilyn a few months ago.  I looked at a bunch of pictures on pinterest and just combined a few and really just added whatever we could find at Home Depot.  Unfortunately all those little hardware pieces are not super cheap, but it has provided lots of playtime for Addilyn so oh well, right?  

hardware sensory board

We bought a piece of plywood and I painted it.  Then Chris drilled in a ton of screws for all of the things we bought.  We have two lights, a few locks, a wheel, some circle hooks to hold a carabiner, links and a rope.  That pink circle was the case for running tape I had that Addilyn loved screwing the cap on and off.  She'll put Cheerios or monkeys in there and put the top on and off.  We screwed PVC pipe on there and she can drop stuff through it.  

It would entertain for a long time at the beginning, but sadly has lost some of it's interest now.  I think I'll put it in our garage for a few weeks and then bring it out again with hopes of her spending time playing with it again!

hardware sensory board

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