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September 12, 2018

Give me your healthy snack ideas!

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In an effort to find some relief from some of my joint pain and inflammation I'm trying an anti inflammatory diet, not eating gluten, dairy and sugar.  I'm a little over one week in and it has gotten a little easier, but I sure do miss a few things.  That handful of chocolate chips or chocolate covered banana I'd eat after bedtime, or my greek yogurt and granola, or a glass of wine!  Thankfully meals haven't been too hard overall, as I had been eating pretty healthy and "clean" foods, and I've found a ton of good recipes online.  But I would love any good snacks or "treats" that you've found.  Those things are what I am struggling with the most! 

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September 11, 2018

Grandma status

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This weekend I got to go to a Johnnyswim and Needtobreathe concert in Chicago.  A big group of friends were going and my sister and brother in law had tickets, but he couldn't go so I went in his place.  I was pretty certain that concerts weren't my thing and I was proven correct.  I should be embarrassed to admit this, but during the concert at one point I thought "I can't believe people pay a lot of money to do things like this?"  It was outside and SOOO incredibly windy and cold, super loud, tons of people and far away so I didn't get home till one.  I'm just going to go ahead and wave my grandma flag and never do that again.  Give me a concert where it's all acoustic, inside, small and I'm home by ten.  Those probably don't exist. 

Speaking of grandmas, these shoes are kind of grandpa like and I love them.  I found that for $10 at Payless and they are super comfy and I think I will be wearing them all Fall.  This sweater is super cozy and my favorite color to wear and is $18.  Minus that insane Chicago wind while sitting in high bleachers late I night, I excitedly accepted the Fall weather this weekend and am so happy about this season! 

August 21, 2018

potato sack, overalls, same thing.

 overalls: c/o  shein

I feel like I am kind of wearing a potato sack.  Linen overalls, feels like a combination of pajamas and a onesie.  But you know what?  Once you wear them, that's all you'll want to wear.  Just like jumpsuits.  Give them all.  Especially when they only cost $15 (here). 

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August 20, 2018

This is just my face now

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I was about to start this by saying to ignore my tired face and then I thought I kind of just feel that's just how it looks most days.  Which made me think of that meme saying just that.  

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Totally accurate.  

I hope you had a good weekend!  Tomorrow we have meet the teacher with Addilyn and then she starts Kindergarten on Tuesday!  It is hard to believe summer is over and she's starting real school. Good luck to all your kids and their first days of school!

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August 9, 2018

recently . . . .

I shared this on my social media pages last week, but figured I'd write it out here too.  I've been wanting to share more about my health issues lately, as it has felt a little lonely and has been incredibly hard.  I know a huge part of getting support and help, starts with asking for it and sharing your story.  So, here is what is going on with me lately . . . 

Two months ago I got diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis after months of joint pain and fatigue. I’m still in the process of figuring out symptoms and medicine and everything that goes with it.

There’s part of me that feels like people get diagnosed with more daunting things and that I need to deal with it and move on.

But then there’s part of me that knows it’s okay to grieve this diagnosis and let myself feel all the feelings. I’ve felt out of control of the symptoms that are happening to my body, despite working so hard to take care of myself. While I’ve had better days, I’ve had no pain or symptom free days in many months and it’s been exhausting and frustrating.

A part of me feels really anxious with a diagnosis that has the word long term in it, affecting your physical capabilities. And to wonder when I’ll feel like myself or what the years down the line could look like.

And then the determined conquering part of me is slowly coming through, where I know I’ll figure this out. And I know I’m strong and can handle whatever I’m faced with.

So while I’m in the middle muddling through these feelings here is what I know.

God is bigger than any health issue, symptom or fear. And I will not live in anxiety just because I do not have control. I know that God loves me and is capable of healing and can take care of me in my pain and frustrations. And that he made me strong and determined, and that I can handle this.

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