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October 30, 2014

Cheeky Cheeky Baby

tee, leggings and moccasins:  c/o CheekyCheekyBaby

Last week we got the cutest package in the mail.  I wasn't sure what Nicole was going to send us, and I was thrilled when we opened her package and couldn't wait to try it on Addilyn.  Nicole is the owner of Cheeky Cheeky Baby, and makes leggings, tees, onesies, headbands and shoes.  She sent us these arrow leggings, tee and the cutest little mocs.  They are really soft, but the sole is solid enough for Addilyn to wear these outside.  

The tee and leggings are soft and comfy and is a perfect outfit for Fall.  I know we'll get a lot of wear out of it.  Thankfully Addilyn was in a great mood and quite the cooperative model this day so I got lots of pictures.  (Thanks to some candy corn bribing). 

Some of my favorite things from her shop are these adorable moccasin boots, these bird leggings,  and this worth the wait  onesie.  Her clothes are affordable and I know we will get a lot of wear out of them!  Nicole is offering a 20% coupon for this weekend with the code KATIE20.  So shop away!

Thank you SO much Nicole.  We LOVE your stuff!

See? Mouth full of candy corn.  Like mother like daughter.  Will work for sweets.  

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October 29, 2014

Coffee dates and customer service

top: c/o  sheinside    denim button up: old navy   jeans: gap   boots: zulily 

Addilyn and I are really lucky to have friends that we can get together with often, even if it is just to run errands with or a coffee date.  It's funny because I'll tell Chris that I'm meeting Meredith and Ellie for coffee and shopping, which sounds incredibly relaxing and enjoyable, but add in two active one year olds and it's usually quite chaotic and comical.  

(a trip to costo together)

The last time we met at Starbucks our girls were sadly done being distracted and entertained after about 7 minutes, if that.  Ellie was tired and having a meltdown and Addilyn spilled a whole cup of water on the ground and was happily body surfing all of the floor.  Needless to say we got ourselves out of there pretty quick.  

Then headed to Kohls to get a gift for someone which ended in Ellie wanting to take home all the baby dolls and Addilyn trying to climb on a pulling cart while we were checking out.  Thankfully the nice cashier felt some sympathy on us and gave us the 30% of coupon when Meredith was trying to find hers.  Really I think she just wanted us out faster, but either way it was nice. 

Speaking of nice customer service, I ordered something on zulily and they had to cancel one of my orders due to issues with the company and then another order ended up being super late.  They gave me a $30 credit because of that which means these boots were free.  Definitely makes up for any issues with my orders!

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October 28, 2014

Baby in a Pumpkin

baby in a pumpkin
baby in a pumpkin

Every since last year when I put Addilyn in a pumpkin, I knew I'd want to do it again this year. Thankfully her tiny little body fit right into this pumpkin.  I was afraid she wouldn't be happy and it would take a lot of work to get her to smile, but I was so wrong.  She loved it and thought it was hilarious.  She didn't want to get out and for the days after pointed out our back window saying pumpkin.  

I have never been a big fan of Halloween growing up and never had any traditions with pumpkin patches, costumes or pumpkin carving.  Having a baby completely changes that and I'm so excited to keep doing these things every year.  And major picture overload in this post, but this is tame compared to the 100 pictures that I took.  No joke.  100.

baby in a pumpkin

 It's hard for me to believe that a year ago she was this tiny?  It's crazy to think how much she's changed this last year.  And how she's this real little person full of personality! 

Now how long many years can I get away with putting her in a pumpkin? I'm pretty sure I'll keep on trying! 

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October 27, 2014

In case you're wondering . . .

tee and boots: target   jeans and flannel: old navy 

I've seen so many pinterest and blog outfits with stripes and plaid, but the whole time I was wearing this I was wondering if people thought I got cold and threw this shirt on because it was all I had in my car.  

Addilyn also pointed to this shirt about ten times in the first 30 minutes I wore it saying "dada" because this must look too much like one of Chris' shirts. 

I have about a -10% desire to ever participate in a whole 30 day challenge.  Wine, bread, sweets.  I can't imagine eliminating them all at one time.  Cutting out sweets for one month just about did me in, and I still ate chocolate covered granola bars because . . . not sweets.  

I am still paranoid about locking Addilyn in the car after it happened twice when she was little.  So much that I never, never close my car door until I've taken her out of the car seat.  I figure at least I burn some extra calories walking around my car an extra time, every time.  Who needs the whole 30 day challenge now? 

I finally ordered our new canvases with Addilyn's one year pictures.  It was about time.  

I did not make Addilyn's Halloween costume, but I feel good about some of you thinking I was capable of such a thing.  

lamb costume

And since I didn't make it, we will certainly get our moneys worth and wear it as often as we can. Trick or treating round one happened this last weekend.  So just be prepared for more little lamb pictures this week.  

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October 26, 2014

The best of both of us

Last night when Chris and I were lying in bed we were talking about how happy and excited and silly Addilyn is.  How she gets so excited over all kinds of things.  She does this excited little laugh and flails her arms and legs.  When she's running at the park, before she gets her plate of food, when someone comes over.   Then Chris said I think she's like me with that.  Happy, wild and active.  (He actually said ADD, not active, but let's call it active for now.)  Then I thought what did she get from me?  My stubborness?  Great. 

I've been thinking a lot about how I want to be more diligent in praying for Addilyn's character and her heart, and who she'll grow up to be.  I was thinking about what traits that I'd love her to get from Chris and love her to get from me.  

Chris' silliness and love for life.  I love how easy it is for Chris to go with the flow.  To do something last minute, to deal with change of plans and to be happy with whatever circumstances he's in.  He's funny and silly and it doesn't take much to make him happy.  He knows how to have fun and is so easy to be around.  He knows how to live in the moment.  Whatever meal he's eating is the best meal he's ever had.  Whatever vacation he's on is the most fun he's ever had, and I love that about him. Addilyn is a happy baby.  She of course has her moments, and has her share of crabbiness, but she's generally happy, and silly and smiles a lot.  

My determination and discipline.  I think this is probably one of my top qualities.  If I commit to doing something I will stick with it.  The marathon is the best example I have recently.  I worked so hard to fit in the training and despite my knee hurting I was determined to do the best that I can and was able to finish.  I hope that Addilyn learns to finish things she starts and not give up.  So far she's definitely stubborn and I'll pray she can channel that into good things later on! 

I know there is so much that you can pass on to your kids and a big amount of how your kids are, is a reflection of your parenting.  However, I am also aware that every child is born with different dispositions and qualities.  I'm am praying that we can help foster Addi's positive traits, and help channel her not so positive ones well too.  

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