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May 3, 2016

Our baby boy's announcement

We have been loyal Tiny Prints fans since Addilyn was born, using them for her birth announcement, first birthday party, thank you notes and Christmas cards since.  So I was so excited to work with them again for Isaac's birth announcements.  They have so many options and I always spend way too much time deciding which to choose.  I am in LOVE with the ones we picked and can't wait for all of our friends and family to get them.  I love the simplicity of a single photo on the front, but love that I could include two more on the back.  

I love the grey envelopes that match the announcements, as well as the matching address labels I picked. It's hard enough finding time to address all of them, I can't imagine writing our address that many times.  I have always been impressed with Tiny Prints.  (Remember with Addilyn's announcements when I wrote the wrong weight and called and they sent me a whole new set for free with the right weight?)  From their customer service to the quality of their products, we love them! 

Now if I can just get to the post office to buy more stamps, they should be sent out by the time this post goes up! 

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May 2, 2016

Boy mom

I always find it kind of funny when people post boy mom after their son is playing in the dirt or climbing something high because I feel like Addi (and many other girls) do just the same.  But I'm sure as Isaac grows there will be lots of experiences that are different in parenting a boy than a girl. Hello diaper changes and spraying pee, right? 

If I'm being honest there was a greater part of me that wanted this baby to be a girl. I felt comfortable with the idea of raising two girls, thought how great it'd be for them to have sisters, and let's be honest, I wanted to use all Addilyn's cute clothes and headbands again.  I knew I'd be excited either way, boy or girl, but leaned more towards a girl.  When we found out we were having a boy, I was excited but a little nervous too.  

It didn't take me long to become more excited as I planned his nursery, started collecting boy things and dreamed of what it would be like to have a son.  But I was still nervous about having a boy.  
But now? I can't imagine it any other way.    

Of course I knew I'd love him more than I could imagine, but I am so thankful we have a son.   I know that there is going to be a different kind of bond between me and him, as there is between Addilyn and I.  He makes my heart so happy and so full.  His full head of hair.  He beautiful eyes, and his sweetest little sounds.  I feel so lucky I get to experience mothering a daughter and a son and can't imagine it any other way.  

Isaac Jordan you are a dream come true and make your mama so happy.  I could not love you more!

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May 1, 2016

Weekend Wrapup

Addi helping to change Isaac's diaper and washing "his dirty feet." She really is so sweet to him (most of the time). 

Chris and I got to go out to an early dinner on Friday night.  With him out of town last week, a busy weekend and week that followed I feel like we had hardly talked in two weeks.  It was so good to have some time together and uninterrupted conversations.  (No picture.  I promise it happened.)

Saturday was rainy and cold and I fell asleep on the couch with Isaac during Addilyn's nap.  Can I just say how thankful I am that Addi still takes great naps?

We are officially potty training.  We started on Tuesday it's gone really well.  Addi has been going on and off on the toilet since Christmas but I felt too tired and unmotivated to actually commit.  I'm still too tired, but figured it was time to really try.  She's only had one accident, but definitely some tears about wanting to wear her diaper again.  She's also had a million jelly beans, which helps I'm sure.

Isaac turned two months last week and I can't believe it's already been that long since he's been born. We have his two month appointment tomorrow and I'm excited to see how big he is.  He's getting stronger and starting laughing this last week.  He is just the cutest thing ever! 

I signed Addi up for gymnastics again after not going the last session.  I was a little nervous with her in underwear and with bringing Isaac with but it went well.  He slept in my wrap the whole time and she loved it.  It felt good to do something that was just about her! 

one // two // three

This weather has been awful this week and I'm so ready for warmer weather.  I love these three cute summer tees that are each under $8.  Spring and summer need to show up! 

Hope you all had a great weekend! 

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April 28, 2016

Thank you youtube

tunic: c/o shein

You know those ridiculous youtube videos that somehow manage to capture a two year old's attention for 20 minutes, even though you can't get them to listen to you for one?  Sometimes I regret downloading the youtube kids app because I feel like it just may be turning Addilyn's brain into mush, one candy apparatus tutorial at a time.  But then other times I sing it's sweet praises when she watches it for twenty minutes while I hold a sleeping baby, or take a shower or do a workout video. I'm going to lean more towards singing it's praises these days.  

Except for the time when we went to my parent's church for an Easter egg hunt and they had a little story time beforehand and used these Resurrection eggs to tell the story of why we celebrate Easter. Two eggs in and Addi looks at me and louding says, "Mama, it's just like youtube!" 

Yep.  Just like youtube.  Mom win.  

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April 27, 2016

When your toddler runs the show and you don't care

The other day my sister and were talking about the woes of toddler bedtime and we both came to the conclusion that sometimes our toddlers run the show and we don't even care as long as they go to bed.  There was one night when the requests were out of control, but I just kept doing them without even thinking.  Just beyond willing to do what it took to get her to sleep without long tantrums. 

Can I have water?  

No, not in this cup.  In my purple sippy cup.

But I wanted ice. 

Can I have a blanket? 

I wanted the pink one.  No the white one.  

I don't want this pillow.  

Can I have a sip of your water in the living room.  

Can I have another song?  

Just one more.  

I felt like a freaking circus animal and I realized after maybe the tenth request, but I honestly didn't even care as long as the eleventh one was the last.  Okay the twelve.  Maybe the thirteenth will be the magic number. 

At your service Addi.  Just please go to bed. 

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