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June 22, 2017


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First of, I'm in love with this top from Old Navy.  I got it for $12 on clearance and it's the first off the shoulder top I've worn.  It is so cute and comfy.  And while I didn't do it this time, I will next time use that safety pin and rubber band trick my sister told me about to hold the sleeves down! These jeans are still my all time favorite (also from Old Navy) four years later.  And my shoes are from Target and I love them too!

The girls in my family went to Ravinia last weekend and it was so much fun.  I had never been before. They have outdoor concerts and you can bring blankets, food, drinks, whatever you want and just hang out and listen/watch.  They had an orchestra playing the music for LaLa Land and showed the movie with it.  It was such a cute movie and they did a great job with the music, I forgot many times it was live music and not just with the movie.  The weather was absolutely perfect and it gorgeous outside.  We all brought appetizers and desserts and wine.  What a fun evening!

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June 21, 2017

Fairfield market

Last weekend all four of us went to a vintage fair called Fairfield Market, that a friend from high school started last year. I went last June and found the cutest distressed bookshelf, and an old painted trunk that I use for a coffee table.  I was so excited to go again this year and there were even more vendors and so many things I loved!  I am a total lover of Hobby Lobby and think they have so many great things for your house, but I think there is something more enjoyable about finding one of a kind things at places like this. More and more I enjoy going to markets, antique stores and places like that to find things to decorate my home. 

 I need one of these bead garlands! 
 I regret not buying this sign and it was only $12!
The cutest little booths and setups. 

There were a ton of vendors from the Illinois/Wisconsin area, selling vintage finds, crafts, refurbished furniture, candles, jewelry and all kinds of things I wanted to buy!  Our best family friend growing up played the guitar, along with another friend and it made for such a fun atmosphere.  They had a truck from the little chocolate factory near by so you could buy some sweets too!  I wanted to buy many, many things but left with three things.  This cute little egg basket that I put our chicken eggs from, this little metal planter filled with rosemary (hopefully I can keep it alive!) and a few old spindles that I haven't decided what to with yet.  Each of those were under $10 and I love them.  

Follow them on facebook (fairfeldmkt) and instagram (@fairfieldmkt ) for more information and if you are at all in the area plan on coming to their next event on October 1st.  I can't wait! 

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June 19, 2017

Bras to fake trees, and a few things in between

tee: Amazon   shorts: old navy   hat: target

ONE.   I got this top from Amazon last week and love it.  It was less than $13.  It's really soft and seems like the perfect summer tee.  (I got a large and it fits perfectly.  It's a little clingy so I wouldn't want it any tighter.)  

TWO.  I am in love with Aerie bralettes.  I think I have four of them and I don't ever want to wear a normal bra again.  Right now they have a ton for $10 and I may convince myself I need a few more. 

THREE.  I really want a fake tree for our living room.  But all the ones I see that I like or $100 or more, which seems like a lot of money.  Tell me if you have a pretty one that looks real that isn't crazy expensive.  I like this one.  But $300?  NO WAY. 

FOUR.  I wore my first off the shoulder top this weekend and loved it.  Of course I want more now. Here are some super cutes on that are all under $15.  The striped one is on it's way to me now! 

one //  two
three  // four

Last week went incredibly slow, filled with a teething Isaac and a no nap Addi and it rained a lot and was a million degrees.  I have high hopes for this week being better! I hope you have a good start to your week!  Happy Monday! 

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June 14, 2017

Peace out paci

I'm not even embarrassed to admit that Addi still has a pacifier until two weeks ago.  And I fully planning on having her keep it until she turned four, and honestly probably could've rationalized it after that. Some five year olds suck their thumbs right?  Addi would even use the phrase "I'm addicted to my paci," I'm sure because she heard us say it, but it was true.  And we let her use it far too often. Always for naps and bedtime, usually in the car and against our plan after she turned three other times during the day when we were home and I often didn't push it.  We had talked a ton about how when she turns four she can't use it anymore and we planned on having a little "paci party" and her words, she wanted a big bonfire and to throw them all in and then pick out a special toy.  I was DREADING it because I knew it'd be really hard. 

Well we were forced to get rid of it two weeks ago when she had to have a tooth pulled at the dentist. She had a cavity in one of her molars and then chipped that tooth.  They thought they could put a cap on it or do a filling but it was too close to the nerve so they pulled it.  It sucked.  But probably worse than that actual tooth pulling was that the dentist said she couldn't suck on her pacifier for three days so that her gums could heal.  I felt so bad for Addi because she had a traumatic experience pulling her tooth and then couldn't have her major comfort thing.  It was a rough few days.  She cried a lot, slept quite a bit less than normal and asked for it all the time.  

I didn't have the heart to tell her that she probably was not going to get it back after those three days, as I felt like if we went through all that I did not want to have to do it again come July.  Two weeks later and she occasionally asks for it but more in a "I miss my paci" way and not "Can I have my paci?"  BUT I am still mourning it's loss.  Seriously.  She has napped once since then.  I know we were so lucky she was still taking naps more than half the days, but I am still mourning their end. She also has been waking up about an hour earlier most days and still struggling at bedtime.  I am not giving it back of course, but have been so tempted many times.  I know it has to keep getting easier, but I miss those two hours or so of sleep a day!  

I know it was a blessing in disguise to be forced to get rid of it and have a reason to motivate us. Part of me feels a little guilty for letting her keep it for so long, as I feel like she's having to learn how to self soothe when she's tired or hurt or crabby, when she would just use her pacifier before. Transitions have never been my strong suit at all, so I'm not surprised this has been an adjustment for me. 

I really am proud of Addilyn and how she has done.  The other day she told me "I decided I don't want my paci anymore.  I realized life is good without a paci, and one day I'll say 'Back in the day I used to have a paci."   Gosh, I sure do love her.  


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June 12, 2017

Swipe Up - Just Kidding

 shorts: aerie    top: old navy

I guess I can't be too annoyed whenever instagram accounts write or say swipe up when they share an outfit, because I definitely do it sometimes.  And perhaps I'm a little jealous that they make money for shopping and taking selfies.  Can I have that job please?  Most of the time when I do that though, I'm annoyed because things are way to expensive and I wouldn't pay that much for one piece of clothing. Which is why I love this outfit, and also why I don't use any of those referral links because I'd maybe make a quarter if multiple people bought anything.  This top was $6, the sandals $12 and these shorts were $20.  All so comfortable and I've worn each of them many times this summer already.  I'm a lousy fashion help because I tried and can't find the sandals online.  I bought them in the store a few weeks or so ago and am pretty sure I've seen them there after! 

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