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February 4, 2016

5 Things Friday

 tunic: c/o shein    leggings: old navy   boots: zulily 

1.  Tops like this make me wonder why I bought multiple maternity tops.  I love this one and am hoping it's not too huge and tent like to wear once this belly is smaller.  

2.  This week has been a little rough.  Addilyn got pink eye and even after two days of eye drops, it's looking no better.  Plus she got a fever this morning to add too it.  Can I just say how hard it is to give a two year old eye drops three times a day?  Needless to say, minus a doctor appointment for her and one for me, we've been home all week.  (This picture does not do her eye justice.  It looked so bad and pathetic.) 

3.  My sister dropped off coffee for me the other day, which was so sweet.  It's amazing how something like that can make your day so much better.  A good reminder that something little like that is a good way to make someone feel loved!  Thank you Lauren!

4.  I had my 36 week appointment today.  I am well aware that early dilation or none at all is not an indication of when your baby will come.  Good example would be that I was zero dilated and she wasn't even low the day before Addilyn was born.  But I was hoping with all my discomfort down there, Braxton Hicks often and carrying so different that I'd have some progress.  Not that I want him here too early, just would like to feel like once I go in labor things will go quickly.  He's head down but not low and nothing happening.  I have a hard time not being anxious that my labor will be long and hard like Addilyn's was.  But I know things can change so fast so I'm hoping for that!  

5.  This weekend I am going to the If Gathering at my church.  I am super excited and while a little nervous about sitting for that long or how comfortable or tired I may be, I'm excited for some good worship, to hear some amazing stories of God's work and for God to grow me and teach me.  

Hope you all have a great weekend!

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February 3, 2016

Do not worry

Matthew 6:25

There's a lot of ways that this pregnancy has been redeeming for me, after Addilyn's pregnancy.  We went through so much to get pregnant with Addilyn, as well as complications at the beginning.  While this pregnancy has been physically harder, emotionally it has been so much easier.  I worried just about the entirety of my pregnancy with Addilyn.  I kept thinking once I got to the next milestone I would feel better, but then there was always another one or thing I worried about.  This time around I've been able to not worry nearly as much and have felt more at ease.  I feel like at the beginning I felt anxious about having a miscarriage and know I felt lots of nerves before my 20 week appointment, anxious to hear that everything looked good and healthy.  But otherwise I've been able to not stress about every ache and pain, and have done a better job giving those fears over to God. 

But as the end is creeping near, I'm finding it more of a struggle.  I've read handful of stories or people losing babies near the end, or having them born with serious symptoms that did not know about.  The only ultrasound we've had was at 20 weeks and sometimes it's hard for my mind not to worry that there is a health concern we missed or something else that developed.  

I've started getting anxious about labor and delivery and recovery.  I've been worrying about how Addilyn will do the days I'm in the hospital, as the most I've been away from her has been one night. I have had many evenings or moments during the day where I think how will I do this with a baby around here.  Either with Addilyn fighting bedtime or her being really needy.  

This verse is so simple.  Do not worry.  But a struggle for me to do consistently.  So I'm back to the point of waking up surrendering my fears to God and letting him take them on.  Trusting him with both my babies and the transition that is before us.  

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February 2, 2016

Come on fellow mom

tunic: pinkblush maternity   denim: old navy   boots: just fab

I take Addilyn to a parent tot gymnastics class every week and she loves it.  I debated signing up for this last round as it goes up to the week before my due date and really isn't the most pleasant with my big belly.  Attempting to demnostrate a crab walk and help her with somersaults just isn't happening.  

This last week there was a new mom I hadn't seen before and she was pregnant as well.  I asked her when her due date was, and would've guessed a good two months after me as she was pretty tiny. She said February 18 and my response wanted to be "Oh my gosh! You are so tiny. What the heck?" But instead I said "That is so soon! You look amazing and have such a cute little belly."  

She asked me when I was due and I wanted to say "three weeks ago" but told her my real due date of the first week of March instead.  Her response?  "Wow!" In a drawn out shocked tone.  Then preceeded to look at the mom next to me and say "She's due three weeks after me!" 

Thank you fellow pregnant mom.  Maybe she could tell I wasn't thrilled at her comment and then told me "well my first was only six pounds, so . . . . "  I then told her Addilyn was almost 9 pounds, as if that is really the difference.  

Whatever.  Although there really should be a better understanding of what to say, especially when you're pregnant too!  

Thankfully this gave me a good laugh, and I still think it's funny. 

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February 1, 2016

If we built a house

 top: c/o shein  leggings: old navy  boots: dsw

Chris and I have talked about how we'd love to be able to buy a new house in three years or so.  We'd love a living space that's bigger, we'd love Addilyn to go to a different school district and Chris badly wants to live on acres of land.  It feels pretty off in the future, but the other month Chris found this huge piece of land really close to us that was ridiculously cheap.  No house on it, so we'd have to go through quite a lot to find out if it was buildable.  So of course all logistics and finances aside, we spent some nights looking at house plans online just for fun. 

To no surprise we have completely opposite tastes.  And funny because if you ask me to describe Chris' taste in a house I may use words like gaudy, showy and ugly.  If you ask him to describe what kind of house I want he'd say old, beat-up and ugly.  Now of course neither of us would use those words to describe our own tastes.  I want a beautiful, more rustic, simple, cozy house and he'd say he'd like an upgraded, modern, big house.  

Turns out someone else put a bid on the land and there seemed like quite a lot of steps and money just to see if it was buildable, and we wouldn't even start thinking about that process for a few years so it isn't happening.  And we're both totally okay with that.  I'm not quite sure how we'd survive starting from zero and trying to find a compromise with both our tastes.  

Good thing we have a few years before we have to work on that! 

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January 28, 2016

Baby's initials

 top: target (non maternity)  leggings: old navy  boots: just fab   initial necklace: c/o stella & dot  
leaf necklace: charming charlie

My sister and one of my best friends threw me a baby sprinkle last weekend and this is what I wore. Except that I ended up putting on jeans right before I left.  Probably unnecessary.  I just bought this top at Target.  It was $27 which is more than I usually spend on a shirt but I loved it.  Plus it is non-maternity and I know I'll wear it plenty after baby.  

A few weeks ago I was contacted by Christine, who sells Stella and Dot pieces.  I've seen and heard plenty about the company, but have never owned anything from them.  I was super excited when she said she'd like me to review something from her site.  I immediately looked at the personalized pieces.  I don't usually spend much on jewelry (the leaf necklace I'm wearing was $6), unless it's personalized or meaningful.  I can't tell you how many things I bought with an A on it or with Addilyn's birthday on it after she was born.  And I love them.  They are small, easy to wear with everything and they make me really happy.  

And this necklace is exactly that.  Small, pretty, goes with anything and meaningful.  I may have cried when I got it in the mall because it not only has an A on it, but an I, which is our baby boy's first initial.  Naming a baby is a ton of pressure and I still can't tell you I'm 100% sure until I see his sweet face, but we love the name and can't imagine changing it at this point.  (I know it's annoying when people are hush, hush on their baby's names but I figure we're close enough to him being here I'll wait, except for the I!)  I've worn it almost everyday since I got it and I love that it has both my baby's initials on it.  

If you've never heard of Stella and Dot, they have tons of jewelry pieces.  Statement necklaces, bracelets, watches and lots of other personalized jewelry.  I loved this disc necklace too and it would've been my next choice!  The necklace I got would be an awesome present to tell your husband to buy you for Valentine's or perfect for Mother's Day.  Their pieces ship super fast and come packaged so cutely!

Christine was so sweet to work with and she is generously giving away one of the necklaces that I picked.  The giveaway will be on instagram tomorrow morning so make sure to enter!  And feel free to check out more of her pieces here.
Thank you so much Christine!  This is definitely my new favorite piece of jewelry and I know I will wear it all the time! 

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