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August 31, 2015

Things that make me cry lately . . . . .

pants: old navy   sandals: target

A cancelled date night.  

Hearing our baby's sweet heartbeat.  

Watching Addilyn on her first pony ride. 

Peeing in my pants while throwing up for the what feels like the millionth time.  Darn you poor bladder control.  No thanks to you Addilyn. 

Every other episode of Parenthood.  Okay every episode of Parenthood. 

The fact that I'm already wearing the size bra I did at the very end of being pregnant with Addilyn. 

The thought of anything happening to this baby.  

Things that don't make me cry.  These pants from Old Navy that I got for $12 last weekend.  Draw string lose waist.  Yes please!  

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August 27, 2015

13 weeks

I forgot how awkward it feels to grab your somewhat baby bump for a picture.  I have every intention of doing baby updates like I did with Addilyn, but know fully well that it may not happen, and I'm okay with that.  It's a miracle that I got a picture and am dressed as this week has been rough.  Addilyn and I both got nasty colds and have been feeling pretty miserable.  But hoping we're on the mend! Here's week 13:

I'm pretty sure my "bump" wasn't this big till after 20 weeks with Addilyn.  Baby number 2 and your body remembers much quicker, right?  I definitely hit the my clothes don't fit right way phase faster this time around.  I am so ready for Fall where leggings and tunics are a daily choice.  

I have been SO much sicker this time around.  I threw up at least a few times a week with Addilyn and felt nauseous, but once on medicine I felt a lot better and only threw up a few times a week.  I felt pretty much over nausea by 16 weeks with Addilyn.  This time? I feel pretty much awful all the long, throwing up about five or six times a day, even with medicine.  Thankfully, I've had a few days this last week where I have felt almost normal in the mornings, but the afternoon and evenings are a struggle.  I'm sleeping terribly because it takes me forever to fall asleep, thanks to feel so uncomfortably nauseous.  I am so so thankful that I am pregnant, but this first trimester has been rough.  

For the first two months all I could handle was carbs.  Bread and butter, or plain pasta.  Bagels, and bland cereal.  And eating often all day long.  Thankfully now I can handle most foods, and more spread out.  I'm a huge fan of those laughing cow cheese wedges and often eat one in bed right before I try to fall asleep.  

Before getting sick this week I had a few mornings last week where I felt more like myself.  I had a little more energy, which makes me excited.  I'm hoping come second trimester that continues and I that the nausea gets better!  

Weight gain? I never shared number updates with Addilyn and honestly struggle with this part.  It's hard for me not to compare myself to others or what they say is "normal", and I just don't want that to be a part of these belly updates!  I told myself I wouldn't worry about it, but that is easier said then done.  I gained a good amount at the beginning of Addilyn's pregnancy too, as eating carbs and eating often was all that helped me feel okay.  Before getting pregnant I was working out daily and eating pretty healthy, so it definitely feels weird to feel the exact opposite.  But I'm reminding myself it all was fine in the end and my body is going to do what it needs to do and SO much of it is out of my control!  

We will definitely be finding out the sex of this baby at my 20 week appointment.  I can not wait! We've only had one ultrasound at 7 weeks, and as long as everything is going well, we'll only get one more at my 20 week appointment.  It's weird to go from having so many appointments when I was pregnant with Addilyn, to having only been to the doctor a few times.  While I still worry and feel anxious, as I'm sure every mom feels, I feel much more calm this time around.  It's nice to know what to expect a little more and to not have any complications like I did with Addilyn.  

I still have a hard time believing we are pregnant!  The bigger my belly looks, and the more we talk about it, the more real it feels.  I am so so thankful for this little baby and already can't wait for March!

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August 26, 2015

Telling our families . . . . . .

This time around things were totally different and it was so much fun surprising our families.  When we were going through our fertility treatments our parents knew just about everything. They knew the day we waited for our phone calls to find out if we were pregnant.  I wouldn't have had it any other way, as their support and prayers were so important to me.  But it was not any "surprise" when they found out we were pregnant with Addilyn.

This time, they all knew we'd be thrilled to get pregnant, but like us did not expect it to happen.  So they were shocked, needless to say!  Also keeping a secret for 2 weeks from my mom was embarrassingly hard, but we wanted to wait until I had gone to the doctor and until my dad was in from out of town.  We normally have dinner at my parents on Monday nights so we decided to tell them then.  My sister knew the day I took the test as I texted her nonstop, but no one else knew.  I made a big sis shirt for Addilyn but didn't put it on until everyone was there.  We told them Addilyn had a new trick to show them and made everyone go in my parents' sunroom.  I changed Addi's shirt and had her run ahead into the room.  They were so surprised and it was just the best!  Here's a video:

After dinner we went to Chris' parents house and did the same thing.  They weren't expecting us and came outside when we called.  Addilyn ran up to the front porch and it took a minute for it to set in the she was going to be someone's big sis.  I wish we had that on video tape too! 

We had so much fun surprising our families.  What a blessing to get to do that!  This baby is already so so loved!

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August 25, 2015

Wishing for . . . . . .

more banana chocolate chip muffins like we made on Monday.  Addilyn and I ate just about the whole batch in two days.  

the desire to do outfit posts again.  This awkward, sick stage of pregnancy is making that feel just about impossible. 

a healthy weekend.  Both Addilyn and I have had nasty colds this week and I'm ready for them to be gone!

more cool weather like this week.  It has been wonderful.  Hoping the high 80 temps for next week are wrong. 

sweaters for Fall.  These two are my favorite and on my wish list.  Is it too early to make a birthday list for November? 

a break from this "morning" (really afternoon, evening, nightime) sickness.  Hoping the second trimester brings just that!  A few more days and we're there! 

Hope you are all having a great week!

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August 24, 2015

Why I should never go into Aldi again

Now this happened awhile ago and I wasn't even pregnant, which would make it at least a tiny bit rational.  But I figure I should tell this story.  Which may make me look like a complete pyscho or highly relatable.  Let's hope for the second.  

I tutor most Mondays and we desperately needed groceries so I ran to Aldi, which is near the library where I tutor.  Now I used to shop at Aldi all the time.  It is way cheaper and they have most things you need.  But since Addilyn my money saving techniques have sadly stepped down a few notches as ease wins over and over these days.  Part toddler normal and part my fault I think, Addilyn sucks at errands.  She won't stay in the cart for long and the idea of having to bag my own groceries, maneuver tiny aisles and walk my cart back for my quarter sounds much harder than going to Target or Walmart.  So we usually only pick Aldi once a month when we all got together, or I go only. 

So to Aldi I went.  I had a long list and enjoyed the ease of shopping alone.  Got in the line, and just as the cashier was midway ringing up my groceries I realized I didn't have my debit card with me, which is all Aldi takes.  I frantically call Chris hoping maybe he can give me the numbers on the card and I can pay that way.  I call three times in a row and no answer.  (By this time he's home from work and with Addilyn instead of my mother in law so I feel like he should be answering).  I get to pay and tell the lady I don't have a debit card, to which she says she can't do anything and that's the only way I can pay.  I almost start crying and ask her what I'm supposed to do as if she should know.  

She said maybe there's an ATM at the bank, which if I was thinking wouldn't work because hello? no debit card.  I tell her I'll figure something out and be back.  Leaving my groceries in the cart I go to my car and start crying.  Like ridiculously crying after I call Chris three more times with no answer.  What if this was an emergency?  Why isn't he answering my phone?  I pull into Walgreens (banks are closed because it's after 5) thinking maybe I could use my credit card in the ATM.  Obviously I'm dumb but was smart enough to not even go inside.  

I call my mom, because of course you do that when you're in a real crisis.  I'm crying at this point as if I my dog died or found out some other awful news.  (Clearly there has to be something else bothering me. Let's just say there was something else.)  Now I absolutely love my mom and think she is the best but sometimes she is not the best at being sympathetic.  She tells me something along the lines of "you can either make this ruin your day or you can choose to just let it go."  Okay. Thank you mom.  

I pull into Target thinking I could use my Target card and get cash back.  Run in there and buy shampoo, only to find out the max you can get is $40.  So I almost start crying again to the lady when she says I can only do one transaction and leave with my $40.  I am right next to this smaller grocery store at this point, to which I just say forget it, I'll just start over with my list and shop here.  I walk in and right away see strawberries, which I needed 3 cartons of for a salad and dessert I was making.  They were $4 each.  As oppose to Aldi's $1.50.  I still have some sense of saving money and just couldn't do it.  Walk back out to my car and drive back to Aldi.  Probably still crying.  And probably calling Chris a million times, who still isn't answering.  

Go get my cart from Aldi, but know there is no way all my groceries cost $40.  So like a homeless person with no money (humbling, sure?) maybe still crying, I start putting back groceries that I don't absolutely need for the next few days.  When I get to the checkout near the end of the cashier ringing me up, I'm honestly staring at the total going, nope, can't get that one.  Okay, now add this one.  Until I'm at $40 and some change.  

It's pretty obvious I should probably never go there again.  And perhaps the most dramatic shopping failure ever.  Or not.  Please tell me something similar has happened to you.  

Just lie.  

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