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April 25, 2017

When daddy is away . . . .

Chris was out of town for a work trip last weekend and left early Thursday morning and didn't get home until pretty late Sunday.  I never like when he travels, but especially on a weekend because we jump right into another week with no family time (and let's be honest no break for me!). Thankfully the weather was so nice this weekend and we survived just fine, thanks to . . . . 

 Isaac's first trip for frozen yogurt
donuts on Saturday morning
and lots of coffee for me.
sleepy snuggles from this nap refuser
 a walk in the forest preserve
and a whole lot of time outside!
a stop at Grandma and Grandpas to see the horses and donkey
a trip to a new park, 
 and quite a bit of smiles from these two babes! 

Now just in case you think I think solo parenting is a piece of cake and all smiles, I'll let you know we went through McDonald's multiple times, I didn't cook one official meal and I slept about 4-5 hours most of the nights thanks to that cute little boy up there.  But I am proud of myself for keeping both kids, our dog, chickens and baby chicks alive and our house all in one mostly clean piece with very little tears from all of us.  So I'm calling it a major win and thankful Chris doesn't travel any more than he does! Major kudos to moms and dads that have to parent on their own all the time!

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April 23, 2017

What I wish I could wear

 one // two

I love the red dress and think it is so cute, but would be afraid I'd look like a picnic blanket.  I am not a big fan of the cold shoulder trend and don't own any,  but I love this dress, and think it's be cute and would be a perfect summery dress.

 one // two

I have one off the shoulder top and it always rides up when I move my arms, which is annoying. I think they are super cute but don't seem all that practical to wear with little kids around.  This one is so cute though!  And I am positive I will never wear a crop top, but if it was a little longer I'd want the second outfit.  I don't know if I could pull it off, but I think it's so cute.

one // two

I finally found a pair of overalls! I love them, but have yet to wear them because I'm nervous I look like I'm trying to dress like my three year old daughter.  I think this pair is really cute and only $15. This dress is probably the only thing of these I wouldn't be a little nervous to order and wear.  Pockets on a comfy maxi dress?  Yes, please! 

The nice thing is that all of these things are under $20, so may be worth the risk to try them! 

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April 18, 2017

First Haircuts

Last weekend both kids got their first haircuts!  I've cut Isaac's a few times but it was getting a little out of control and I have no idea what I'm doing so it was passed time to take him in.  Addi's hair was getting kind of straggly at the ends and she definitely could've used a trim!  

We went to this cute little salon that had a whole kids' section.  Isaac was not a fan of sitting in the little car, which I wasn't surprised.  He did pretty well on my lap, thanks to a sucker and watching videos on my phone.  I was nervous she wouldn't be able to do much but thankfully he did great!

You could tell Addi was a little nervous and had this cute nervous smile on most of the time.  Hers was really quick and she did great too!  I kind of miss Isaac's long hair, and think he's looks so much older with it cut!  But think he sure is adorable with his new do!  

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April 13, 2017

Addi says what

The first time I put her in these overalls she started crying, dramatically tried to bend over and wouldn't let her hands touch the floor telling me she "can't move in these overwears and needs them off." 

She was trying to read a book to me and said "This book is quite difficult for me.  Can you read it?"

"I'm tired like a bear who didn't hibernate in the winter."

While looking at Isaac intently I asked what she was doing and she said, "I'm falling in love with him." 

"You can be excused in so many ways.  Excuse me I'm in your way . . . . Excuse me I tooted . . . "

Addi almost fell and started crying and I asked her if she was hurt.  "No it scared me.  And made my arm itch.  I'm allergic to falling." 

"That chicken is up early.  Maybe it's a rooster but his throat hurts so he can't cock a doodle do."

"You probably should've only had one kid. That way you wouldn't be as tired."

While laying down all sprawled out, "I'm like so relaxing in the sun." 

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April 10, 2017

Insta husband he is not

top: c/o shein    pants: old navy   shoes: steve madden (goodwill) 

I wanted to actually take a picture outside because the weather was so nice.  Plus I even busted out my iron for this shirt, and showered and blow dried my hair.  It only made sense to take a non selfie, real picture.  Unfortunately as soon as I was ready there was a guy outside delivering mulch and I was too embarrassed to bring out my tripod and take pictures, so I made Chris take a few really quick. Well they all stunk.  Were really far away, not clear and I didn't like one of them.  So mirror selfie it is.  Insta husband he is not.  

(This top is only $10 and I love it.  It's kind of hard to tell but it's light blue with white stripes. It comes in yellow too and now I want that one!  Perfect Spring and summer top!) 

Hope you have a great start to your week!

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