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September 28, 2016

Mama Bird

top: c/o chloe vs. tank    jeans: old navy 

I've found my new favorite graphic tee.  And graphic tee shop.  I've known Amanda since I started blogging over five years ago.  She was one of the first friends I made and we've followed each other since.   She has an adorable two year old daughter Rea, is incredibly in shape, (hence all the workout tanks), and is so sweet.  She started a shop a few years ago where she sold these adorable wrap bracelets.  She's reopened her shop Chloe vs. Tank, filled with super soft quality tees.  She has a lot of cute workout tops, tons of fun mama tees, and a bunch of others.  

When she opened her shop I bought this "you had me at merlot" tee and got one for my sister for her birthday.  They are SO soft and we both wear them a ton.  I was super excited to get this mama bear one and I was not disappointed.  I've worn it a ton, and love it tied on the side, tucked in or just down. (For reference I got a large in the mama bird one as it's woman size and I like them loose, and a medium in the merlot one, as it was unisex sizing.)  I've washed and worn them both a ton, and they are still just as soft.  Perfect to sleep in, workout in or wear with jeans and a tee.  Which I think will be my new fall wardrobe.  Graphic tee, jeans (okay leggings), tennis shoes and a sweater.  

Oh their faces!

She has so many cute tees.  I want all of them! Here are three that will be going on my birthday and Christmas list.  If you see a tee you like, and a phrasing on another one you can message Amanda and she can make it for you.  The merlot tee was on a tank top in her shop, but she made it on the tee for me.  So nice to have so many options! 

mama bear  //  thankful  //  coffee  

Make sure to follow Chloe vs. Tank on instagram (Chloe. vs. Tank.) for new products and discounts! I'm pretty sure I got my first tee for only $14 when she posted a code after opening her shop.  Right now you can use code KATIE15 for 15% off.  

And here's what most of my pictures look like.  They sure are expressive aren't they? 

Thank you so much Amanda for my tee! I am so impressed with you and how successful you've been in such a short time.  We love your shop!

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September 27, 2016

So many firsts

In the past two weeks Isaac has had SO many firsts.  I can't even get over how fast all of them happened and what a big boy he seems all of a sudden!  Sitting up all on his own for the first time. 

Then sitting in a cart like a big boy:

Sitting in the stroller without the car seat:

His first haircut (before and after):

First time swinging:

And this last weekend he started crawling! (Video here):

I can't believe what a big boy he is! Now if only he could work on his first time sleeping more than four hours at a time.  (Snooooooooooze)

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September 26, 2016

Lately . . . . .

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I think I have maybe done my hair and gotten dressed for real once since the week before we moved.  Maybe Fall clothes and being more settled in our house, will mean actually getting dressed and ready some days.

I'm super excited for new shows.  Dancing with the stars, Survivor, Grey's Anatomy.  Loved the first episode of This is Us.  

I'm looking forward to easier drop offs with preschool.  It has been rough the last two weeks, and I can't wait until we can have tear free drop offs!

We've been spending so much time outside.  Our yard is wonderful and both kids love being outside. There's a little pond near the front of our house and there are so many frogs in there. Probably 15 - 20 that will sit around the rocks, and Addi will walk around and then jump in when she gets close.  She could spend hours doing just that.  I love it.  

Decorating for Fall.  The weather hasn't been fall like quite yet, but this week I plan on taking out my fall stuff and decorating.  I'm super excited to put things out in our new house!  I was so happy when I found this cute banner for $3 at Target.

I miss blogging! Hoping to get back to writing a few posts a week now that we're mostly moved in. Hope you all have a great start to your week!

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September 19, 2016

Addi says what


During a marathon of bedtime stalling: I'll just sleep with my eyes open. 

Me: What do you want to do this week? We don't have any plans. 
Addi: We can buy more from the store.  More plans. 

Going down stairs I told Addi to be careful because they were steep.  "It's okay. I'm a big girl. Big girls can do steep."

Addi: We can't go to the store tomorrow because it's going to rain.
Me: How do you know that?
Addi: I checked the new and it said it was going to rain. 

Prepare to be amazed!!!!

While she was using stamps: Only I can use these because they are very special to my whole life.

Addi: Is that dress for you or for me?
Me: It's for me. 
Addi: That won't fit you, you sly dog. 

My niece Annie was over and was talking and Addi looks at her, then me and says, "She has such a pesky little voice."

Talking to Chris about where milk comes from while pouring cereal.  "Mama is kind of like a cow."

Grandma: Where did you get that bruise from?
Addi: Preschool.  It's a very dangerous place. 

Saying "hot llama" always, instead of hot lava. 

After going to the bathroom Addi says, "Oh. My.  Word."  Then a few seconds later, looks at me confused and says, "Why did I say that?"

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September 15, 2016

Addilyn's first weeks of preschool

Addiyn started preschool a few weeks ago and I can't believe what a big girl she is.  Spending so many years teaching, it is weird to start being on the parent end of school shopping, drop off, notes home, etc.  If you've read my blog for any length of time you know Addilyn has always struggled with being dropped off somewhere, which was really my only motivation for sending her to school. I know it will be good for her.  But I felt incredibly anxious about it.

The first few times went way better than I thought.  She said goodbye to me and I left and she didn't cry.  Picked her up and she was happy and told me she had fun.  I was so relieved!  But the last few times have been rough. Not sure if it is the move, or just that the honeymoon phase of something new is over, but I'm hoping it's gets easier soon.  So hard for me to leave when she is crying, but the teachers have said she's okay once distracted and fine when I pick her up.

 chocolate muffins for her first day 

So far she's told me there is a song they sing at the beginning but won't tell me "because it's a secret and special." She told my mother in law she got a bruise from falling over and that "preschool is a very dangerous place." 

I look forward to many more funny preschool stories, and lots of growth from my sweet girl! 

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