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September 17, 2014

Health Updates

vest: target   pants: H&M   headband: made my me 

First of all I love this outfit.  Dressing Addilyn for fall is my new favorite part of our morning. Shallow yes, but seriously isn't her outfit the cutest? 

Addilyn passed out again on Tuesday after she fell.  It wasn't as bad as when it happened on her birthday, as she came out of it quicker, but I was alone and it was incredibly scary.  I surprisingly handled it okay that day.  I was babysitting and so I felt like I had to pull myself together and move on.  But later that night and the next day, I started getting teary and anxious when I thought about it.  We took her to the doctor and he thinks she is holding her breath when she falls.  While I'm relieved that he doesn't think she's have a seizure or that there is anything life threatening happening, I'm still anxious about it happening again.  For awhile after she fell two months ago my heart would start beating super fast and I'd get really nervous when she would get hurt and cry.  I finally was over that and now I'm here again.  The doctor said that this could also happen if she cries really hard and gets worked up.  We're currently trying to get her to stay in the nursery at church, but she cries so much I am now scared about her doing that there.  I feel torn about how to handle that situation.  

We've had Addilyn on acid reflux medicine for the last few weeks.  We've finally gotten her to take it and have noticed a difference in the amount of food she will eat.  When we were at the doctors last week we weighed her and she's gained a half pound, which is more than she gained in almost three months.  I feel really frustrated that our doctor didn't suggest acid reflux at all.  I was the one that brought it up.  I'm mad that she made us go through scary and expensive testing.  I feel like Addilyn has probably had acid reflux since she was a baby and I'm frustrating I didn't figure it out, but more mad our doctor didn't, as I feel like I've always been telling her Addilyn's symptoms.  She is still coughing some at night though, so I'm not sure if those are related and am wanting to get that figured out too.   

Any of you moms have there have experience with your kids passing out or with acid reflux at this age?  Did you kids cough a lot when lying down?  I'd be appreciative for any stories with experience!

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September 16, 2014

A few confessions

dress & shoes: target 

This dress is about a fourth an inch away from being too short to wear without leggings.  

After I bought this on clearance at Target I realized I have two other grey t-shirt like dresses.  But of course none just like this.  Plus it was only $8.  

I have become a big fan of wearing baseball hats and would like to add a monogram hat to my collection of one.  Hats give me a permission to not wash my hair and to cover my tired eyes.  

I've used the word paci a handful of times this last week.  Everytime it comes out of my mouth I cringe.  I hate the word paci but why is it so much easier to say then pacifier?  

We had a new couple over for dinner the other night and thanks to miscommunication I pretty much invited myself to her baby shower this last weekend.  I obviously declined and didn't go, as that would be very weird seeing as we just met.  

The only tv show I watch these days is Scandal and I love it.  I am on season 3 and have every intention of finishing it before new episodes come on. 

I feel like I see it often where moms post pictures of their babies and kids sleeping and say that they miss them when they are in bed.  I do not miss Addilyn when she is asleep.  I love when she takes naps and I love when she goes to bed.  I absolutely love spending time with her but my whole self is happy when she is sleeping.  I'm pretty convinced those moms are lying.  

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September 15, 2014

Mint Julep Giveaway

sweater: c/o mint julep boutique  

I got this sweater in the mail last Tuesday and it was 80 degrees and hot and sunny.  The next day? High of 50 and cold.  And I couldn't have been happier.  I wore it all day from the minute I got out of bed until I got back in bed.  Then I worn it around the house the next two days too.  I'm pretty sure I will be wearing this all Fall and Winter long.  It is cozy and warm and perfect for leggings, pajamas and jeans.  Plus it has pockets which makes it even better! 

Mint Julep boutique asked me to give them three items that I loved and they would send me one of them.  I spent such a long time searching the hundreds of items on their site and had a hard time narrowing it down to three!  This cardigan is a favorite and I think I'll add it to my birthday list.  I also think this tunic would be so cute with leggings and boots for the Fall.  

I signed up for their email list and I got a coupon for $10 off my first purchase that I'm going to put towards one of those things.  I'm sure you'll want to do that same here!

I haven't done a giveaway on my blog for quite awhile, so I'm even more excited to give you a good one today.  Mint Julep is offering one reader a $30 gift card to their site.  Enter below and the winner will be contacted in a week! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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September 14, 2014

DIY Pallet Sign

 diy pallet sign
diy pallet sign

I've been wanting to make a pallet wooden sign for a long time.  I can't take credit for a lot of this project because I could've done it without my dad.  He found the pallet and made the sign.  All I did was paint it. 

I've always loved the song "It is well with my soul," and love the reminder that whatever God has us go through that we can take comfort that we are taken care of and that we trust in the Lord.

I also love that my grandma's headstone says It is well with my soul, So I think of her whenever I hear that song or see those words.   

My dad found a pallet and was able to make two signs (my mom made the other one).  He pulled apart the wood, sawed the boards in half and nailed the pieces of wood together using smaller wooden pieces on the back.  

I used grey outdoor stain that my parents had.  I let it dry for a few hours, then I penciled on my letters.  I looked at a few different signs and prints with the same saying and combined a few that I liked.  I saw a lot of tutorials with using stencils or a cricut which would've been nice.  But I just did my best doing it free hand.  I used white and yellow acrylic paint for the letters.  

This project ended up being totally free since I had all the paint and my dad found the pallet.  I've been changing the colors in our living, dining room and kitchen to grey, yellow and blue and love that this matches perfectly.  

it is well with my soul
it is well with my soul

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September 10, 2014

Paint Nite

Monday night I got to go to a painting night and complete one of my 13 by 30 goals! I bought a groupon for Paint Nite, where different bars and restaurants host an artist and you get to eat, drink and paint a canvas,  I went with my sister in law and friend Rebecca, and we had such a great time.  I would've done it even if I didn't love the painting, but I actually love the one we made and it's now hanging in our dining room.  I am definitely planning on doing it again! 

This is the artist's painting.  I was not loving the pink, purple colors and wanted to be able to hang it in our dining room so I made my background with blues and greens and love it.  I also did only one baby bird so it was like our little family of three.  

 With my 30th birthday less than two months away, here's a little update on my other goals:

1.  Run another marathon.  I'm about a month away from the marathon.  I'm feeling a little nervous, especially since my knee has been bothering me since my 18 mile run.  But I'm ready for it to be here and to finish and to take a break from so many hours a week of running! 

2. Go away for a night without Addilyn.  And nothing in the works for this yet.  Honestly I feel nervous about leaving her.  Most nights she still doesn't sleep through the night and I nurse her once.  I'd like to leave her alone with Chris for the first time, but I don't have any plans yet.  And with the marathon and training on weekends I don't see this happening before my birthday.  So this one will be moved to a little after I'm 30.

3. Take a photography class.  I need to find one! You guys gave me some great suggestions last time. Online classes sound great, but I think I need to leave my house so I'm not distracted by a certain someone.  And I'd love to do it with a friend too! I have to spend time doing some looking for classes. 

4.  Attend one of those paint your own painting, bring your own wine, painting parties.  DONE!

5. Send some real mail.  This one is a kind of.  I've sent a few letters, but not as many as I'd like.  I have two packages just sitting on my floor waiting to be spent to friends too.  Why is it so hard to get to the post office?

6. Paint our front door a color.  DONE!!

7. Weigh what I did pre-fertility treatments.I am down to my pre-pregnancy weight but not quite at the weight I was before fertility treatments.  It's annoying all the time I spend running I feel like pounds should be falling off every day.  But I know my body is working hard, and I also still indulge in plenty of sweets which feels worth it to me at this point! 

8. Declutter our house.  This one is a kind of too.  I've made a lot of progress.  We've gotten rid of a ton of things, our basement being the biggest one.  I could still use some more decluttering in my closet and our garage is a nightmare.  But I'm leaving that up to Chris.   ALMOST DONE!

9. Make our basement a playroom.  I love our basement playroom and we spend lots of time in there. I am well overdue for pictures to share.  DONE!

10. Meet a blog friend.  I got to meet my friend Liz and her daughter Emma when we were on our vacation! It was wonderful.   DONE!

11. Make my own sushi. Sushi is my favorite food and we've talked about making it before, but I feel like by the time you buy all the ingredients and make it, it'd be way easier to just buy it.  But I think it'd be fun to do and I want to try at least once.  

12. More intentional time. I've mentioned this before, but it's so easy for Chris and I to sit and watch tv every evening and we are trying to make it a point to spend more time talking, reading, play games . . . anything that means more quality time and not mindless tv watching. We are still working on this one.  We mostly watch tv and need to do a better job having intentional time together.  

13.  Learn how to apply make-up.  I talked with a friend who used to work at a make up counter and she started doing make-up parties where she comes to your house and teaches you and friends how to do different looks, while of course eating good food and drinking wine.  She's about to have a baby so we're going to plan it in the coming months.  I'm excited! 

So I'm pretty sure they'll be a few left over but I'm making progress on my list! Thank goodness I did choose 30. 

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