April 17, 2014

Nine months of Addilyn

Addi Jane - 

This month has been filled with so many firsts! You crawl, go from laying down to sitting, say mama and dada, wave, clap and are eating some "people" food.  It is crazy how much has changed this month.  You do not seem like a baby at all, which is both sad and exciting for me.  You are still happy most of the time and love being around people.  You especially love kids and other babies and love watching them.  You smile and laugh when we walk past people at the store or whenever people come to our house.  Your scrunched up nose and big gummy smile is adorable! 

You've always been in the upper percentile for height and weight until this month.  We were a little surprised when we went to the doctor for your nine month appointment and you had only gained a few ounces and didn't get any taller.  The doctor was a little concerned so we have to go back in a few weeks to see if you've gained weight.  I'm guessing it's a combination of you being sick this month and being so distracted and not wanting to nurse as much.  While your self hasn't grown much you've gotten so much more hair this month and I love it! I can't wait until I can put a bow in it or better yet a pony tail!

You finally are using the big bathtub and it makes bathtime much easier for us.  You love splashing and kicking in the water and get excited when I just say it's time for a bath.  You love the water! You don't even mind when we dump water on your head and are happy to spend time in there.

 You love eating and so far have not tried something you haven't loved.  We started giving you lunch most days, so now you are eating two to three meals a day and nursing about four times a day (plus one time in the early early morning).  Nursing has been a little bit of a struggle this month as you are so distracted and don't like sitting still and will sometimes only nurse for a minute and sometimes not at all.  You also starting biting this month which has not been fun for me! But we are sticking it out and are going to nurse until at least a year!

Sadly you got sick again this month.  Thankfully not as close to as bad as before, but you had a bad cold, were super congested and even had a little fever.  It lasted about a week so we were stuck at home most of the days.  The only good thing about you being sick is you give me lots and lots of cuddles which I do miss!

The weather is finally getting nicer and it's been so nice to spend some time outside.  You absolutely love being outside.  You got to go on a swing for the first time and love it.  We've spent some time on our deck, you've walked around our yard a lot with daddy and it makes me so excited about spending lots of time outside this summer.

You've always loved your daddy but this month you really really love him.  You now give him lots of hugs and kisses too.  Whenever I say daddy is home you get so excited and you reach for him and want to play with him all the time.  He loves tossing you around, taking you outside and being silly with you.  

This month has been so much fun to watch you turn into this little girl with a big personality. It's so exciting to watch you learn new things and although I get sad that you are growing up so fast, I look forward to new stages and new things to do together.  I say it all the time, but I still have days where I look at you and can't believe you are my daughter.  We love your happy, cute, silly and wild little self and are lucky to be your parents!


your mom 

P.S. It is getting so hard to take your pictures these days! I try bribery of food, jumping up and down, your daddy's help . . . it is hard work!

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April 16, 2014

Pass it on . . .

(my new favorite leggings from JCPenney)

Remember how I wrote about my hard day the other week?  Later that evening I got an email saying that a blog reader friend had sent me a Starbucks gift card.  Just because.  

I can't get over how happy that made me.  How a little gesture made a huge difference in my hard day.  And still feel happy about it. 

I don't think I've ever written about it before, but the first year Chris and I were married I experienced a random act of kindness that I'll never forget.  I was grocery shopping before we were leaving for a weekend of camping.  I had my whole cart full in the checkout lane and after I was rung up realized I didn't have my wallet.  Long story short the woman behind me insisted on paying for all my things.  I even tried to remove the anti-cellulite lotion that I debated buying because it was $8, but she insisted that I buy everything I had.  It was over $70.  I tried to get her address to send her a check and all she said was just make sure to do something nice for someone else.  All I could do was say thank you and give her a hug.  

Eight years later and I remember every detail of that act.  I want to live life seeking out those opportunities.  I want to do a better job making people's days better.  

So thank you Carrie for reminding me what sweet, thoughtful and kind people are out there.  And that your kindness rubs off to others.  I want my kindness to be contagious.  I want to randomly bring a friend flowers or bake them cookies.  Or send a letter or a $5 Starbucks card so they can enjoy a cup of coffee on me. 
Have you ever experienced a random act of kindness that you'll never forget? 

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April 15, 2014


top: target   pants: loft   shoes: kohls 

In an effort to watch less tv and have more intentional time together, Chris and I have been trying to play games once in awhile after Addilyn goes to bed.  Unfortunately we have a major difference in preference when it comes to games of choice.  I like speedy and fast games and Chris prefers boring games that take forever, like chess or stratego.  I'd much rather play speed or speed scramble. 

The other day we found this game Blink in one of our drawers and I love it.  Chris hates it.  It's like speed but you can put your cards down if they have they same color, shape or number.  The last time we played I got rid of all my cards and Chris got rid of maybe ten of his.  

When we were just married we used to play cards much more often and he hated playing Speed so much that he told me he'd only play it five more times ever in our marriage.  Which I used up within a week.  Eight years ago. 

Thankfully we've found a happy medium in rummy 500.  

Any games out there that we should be playing? 

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April 14, 2014

Small Swaps

This shop is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group™ and Dr. Pepper Snapple Group but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #TENways  http://my-disclosur.es/OBsstV

I'm pretty sure everyone has some kind of goal to get healthier, especially with summer right around the corner.  I'm also pretty sure everyone wishes that it was easier, that sweets were healthy and that working out wasn't so hard.  I'm trying to find easier ways to eat healthier and make better choices. 

Here are a few easier ways that I am trying to get ready for summer with changes in my diet and lifestyle:

1. Exercising.  I am beyond thankful for this warmer weather so Addilyn and I can get out of the house. The last two days we've gone on a hour walk and not only it is a great time killer for a longer day, but it makes me feel better about myself and definitely counts as a workout.  If I can only get over not be embarrassed by people and houses that I pass, I want to start doing some lunges, pushups and situps along the way so it feels like more of a workout.  

And on the days that it isn't possible to get outside, I'm thankful for free online workouts like bikini body mommy and fitness blender that have awesome, hard and thankfully short workouts.  

2. Meals.  Thankfully with summer coming up it's easier for me to eat healthier.  There is more produce that is fresh and on sale, we do more grilling, and I don't spend as much time instead snacking all day.  I've been trying to find meals to make that are healthier, but still taste really good.  Like these skinny enchiladas.  I made them a few weeks ago and they were delicious, easy and a healthier option than my other enchilada recipe.  Thankfully with pinterest and food blogs, it's much more manageable to find healthy, easy recipes. 

3. Small swaps.  This one is easier for me but it's a little harder to convince Chris.  I have no problem putting skim milk in my coffee or eating the light versions of cream cheese.  He takes a little more convincing. I mean tricking, as I'm convinced he wouldn't even notice that things are the lighter version.  Drinks are a huge calorie consumer, which is why I'm thankful for products like Ten Sodas or Beverages.  These drinks only have 10 calories, but are still full of flavor.  Sweets is my biggest downfall and drinking the 7-up TEN tasted sweet, without sacrificing tons of calories.  

Chris is a big ginger ale fan so the Canada Dry TEN would be his first choice, but there are also A&W TEN and Sunkist TEN, all with only 10 calories each.  

Checkout Walmart.com for a coupon which will save you a $1.50 off your purchase of the Four Ten Sodas or Beverages, available until April 17th while supplies last.  Follow DPSG on facebook and twitter to be notified of savings. 

4. Snacks. Turns out that despite the peanuts and raisins, I'm aware that my trail mix snack isn't very healthy.  Especially when I eat countless handfuls all afternoon.  I am determined to make some better snacking choices like fruit, veggies and hummus or cheese.  

With the few nicer days of weather we've had recently, I couldn't be more excited for summer and am determined to make some changes to be overall healthier.

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April 13, 2014

I want . . . .

tee, skirt, and bracelet: old navy    necklace: groopdealz   boots: dsw 

. . .  the weather to stay this warm.

. . .  to live in a town like the Hart of Dixie or Gilmore Girls. 

. . . to have white trim in my house. 

. . . Starburst jelly beans to be healthy. 

. . . to live by my sister. 

. . . to not be such a worrier. 

. . . someone to come clean my house from top to bottom. 

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