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January 10, 2021

New year. More clothes.

Want a break from all the terrible news and heavy life stuff? Online shopping for the win.  Like always lately, I'm loving everything Shein sent me.  
This vest is shorter than I thought, but I like it a lot.  Perfect with high waisted jeans. 

This color is so pretty.  I love the v neck, comfy material and these days if I put on a sweater and jeans I immediately feel dressed up.  

I always look for items that have a lot of good reviews and this one had a ton.  It comes in a few different colors and on sale for $12. 

Only $8, insanely soft and I love the shorter length. 

This hoodie is one of the softest thing I own.  I love the leopard print and love that is is only $17. 

See? Clearly I love leopard.  Love the colors of this, and the fabric is so soft. It does make my hair staticy which drives me nuts.  But otherwise it's super cute and only $12!

This looks so similar to the Abercrombie top that I see everywhere on blogs and Instagram. But it is $40, maybe more.  I have a hard time justifying that much on a sweatshirt.  This one is $20 and I can't compare it to the other since I don't own it, but the quality feels good and I like it a lot! 

This hoodie is so cute.  It's pretty lightweight so perfect year round.  Plus it is only $11.

This jacket is so fun.  Sweatshirt material for the sleeves, vest material for the body part. It just needs pockets!

These had so many good reviews and I thought they looked so cute, so figured I'd try. I got a medium because I never know what size to go with, and they are definitely a little big.  And clearly meant for Fall weather.  I just need to try out some other ways to wear them and see if I can make them work! 

I also got these slippers.  I used to not be a big slipper fan, but I guess being home just about every hour of the day will change that.  These are soft and cute and $12!  Win. Win.  

You can use code Q4forlauren for 15% off your Shein order. 
Happy Monday!

December 27, 2020

Thank you Amazon

I am sure I am not alone in that I can't count the amount of things I've ordered from Amazon the last many months.  I'm so thankful it's easy to buy pretty much anything, and now clothes are right up there on the list! I was sent these items to review, and love each of them. This pullover is probably my favorite of all of them.  It's thin enough that you won't get hot wearing it inside, like some of my other sherpa like pullovers and I love the color.   They have a lot of other colors too.  I love the gold and the cream one!

This sweater is SO soft.  I feel like it can be dressed up or down.  Also it's long enough that I think it would look great in faux leather leggings (or any leggings) and knee high boots.  But I also love it just like this!

I love this sweater.  I didn't get it until the day before Christmas Eve and wish I would've gotten it sooner so I could've worn it more in December.  It's so cute!

This set is super soft.  The waist band is pretty wide, but has a string so fits better than I thought when I tried it on.  I'm in a size medium, which is true to size for bottoms for me.  The top is oversized and could be worn with leggings.  I love the color and material.  

This cardigan is great because it's lighter weight, so could be worn for a very long part of the year, and it has pockets which makes it even better.  I love the grey but it also comes in a ton of other colors. You can never have too many cardigans right?? 

What's the best thing you've ordered from Amazon lately? 

November 29, 2020

Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday? How about cyber October. Cyber November.  Cyber December.  
I am definitely doing more online shopping these days, but I keep telling myself that we don't spend money doing anything else these days, so it can't be that bad right? 
These are my recent finds from Shein and I love them.  This jacket is so soft and comfortable and only $22.  These earrings? $1.50! This pretty blouse comes in a lot of other colors and is under $20. Plus you can use the code S594h for an extra 15% off your order.  
Happy Monday! We aren't quite ready over here.  :/ 

November 22, 2020

Black Friday Sale

colorblock sweater
striped sweater
colorblock sneakers

I decided that once a week I should put on jeans just to remember how they feel.  Usually it lasts one good hour and then I'm back in yoga pants or sweats. But for that hour I feel put together.  Not nearly as comfortable, but put together.  I am loving these sweaters, and they'd be perfect with jeans or the more comfortable legging option!  From 11/18 to 12/12 Shein is holding it's Black Friday sale.  Use my code S594h for 15% off your purchase.  

November 11, 2020

SHEIN Big Sale - a full Fall outfit


This is my first time picking out a full outfit from Shein, and I loved everything I got. I was hesitant about the jeans, as the only bottoms I've picked out before have had elastic waists.  But I love these so much! A good mix of stretch, high waist and feel closer to leggings than jeans. Major win. (I got a medium and they fit well.) I've also never picked out any jewelry and they have some fun options.  I love the layered necklace look.  

From 11/9 - 11/12 SHEIN is holding it's annual 11/11 Big Sale! Use my code S594h for 15% off your order! Happy Fall shopping!!