. . . for Lauren and Lauren: Ten Months

January 11, 2017

Ten Months

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Dear Isaac - 

Ten months old!! Crazy to think you are so close to being a one year old.  I keep finding myself looking at your baby pictures and reading your birth story and crying! How are you so old and how does time go so quickly? I'd give anything to go back to the day you were born and hold your 8 pound self again.  

You are starting to feel less like a baby and more like a little boy.  Your face has always looked a little older to me, but this month you've starting seeming older.  You have such a sweet personality. Happy, affectionate, and so sweet.  You are constantly giving me hugs and kisses.  Your kisses are quite aggressive, banging your mouth against mine, but I still love them.  

Molly is still your favorite and it is so sweet.  You wrap your arms around her neck and say "awww." You climb all over her, feed her all the time and get so excited when you see her.  

You still hate it when I change your diaper or your clothes.  You still don't love your car seat either. You started climbing out of your highchair, and we lost the straps when Addi was little, so we need to get that figured out!  

You love fruit, yogurt, and baby snacks like those little cheetos and yogurt melts.  You get so mad when they are gone.  You want to eat everything we eat and get so frustrated when you can't drink out of all of our cups.  

You do great taking a bottle and going down when mama is gone.  You go down for naps fine too, and naps are finally better and more predictable, often lasting about an hour for both.  Your night sleep still stinks, up two or three times a night. 

This month you celebrated your first Christmas and it was so fun.  You loved playing with the wrapping paper and tissue paper and were so happy just crawling around everyone's presents. We got you this little dinosaur thing that sings and you put "food" in it's mouth and you love it.  

You are getting so strong! You can stand on your own for a few sections and you get so excited, put your arms high in the air and your hand back and then you fall over.  I feel like you will probably be walking next month.  I can't even imagine you're tiny little self running around. 

You love hiding behind the curtains and get unbelievably excited that your arms and body shake and you laugh so hard.  It is impossible to not laugh watching you.  Everyone comments about what a happy baby you and we are so lucky for that! 

We love you so much Isaac Jordan! 


your mama

"I'm over this.  Here Molly."