. . . for Lauren and Lauren: Overwears

May 2, 2017


I've been wanting a pair of overalls for quite awhile, but couldn't find a pair that was under $50 and I did not want to spend that much.  I found these online from TJMaxx for only $25 and when you sign up for their emails you get free shipping on your first order.  I actually found another pair too that I ordered but returned them because they didn't fit right.  These are really stretchy and comfy (a little too tight for my liking in the butt, but not enough to not keep them!).  I've had them for a few weeks, but have only worn them out once because I keep being nervous I look like I'm trying to dress like a three year old.  

Addi has a pair of overalls and I will definitely make sure to not wear mine the same day as hers, otherwise my fear would be true.  She calls them "overwears" and I have no intention of correcting her anytime soon. 

(They don't have the exact pair online anymore but they have quite a few that are cute here!
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