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April 3, 2018

A little behind

top: c/o shein   jeans: american eagle   shoes: zulily  necklace: noonday

I finally added one of those link tree links to my instagram profile so you can find links to things I post there.  Seeing as I don't ever imagine getting that swipe up feature because you need a million followers.  Why wouldn't that be an option for everyone?  Now if I only could figure out how to get hooked up to one of those affiliate sites where I make a commission if people buy things from my links.  Do any of you use them?  It's probably pointless seeing as most things I post are pretty cheap, so I can't imagine making any kind of commission on that!  Like this knotted tee I LOVE, but it was $9, which is even more reason for you to buy it and even less reason for me to try to figure out how to use one of those sites! 

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