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May 6, 2018


jumpsuit: c/o shein   shoes: target

Oops.  Just a little while since I've posted last.  Life has been busy and good and tiring.  I need to work on some posts, like all about my amazing trip to Florida with my childhood girlfriends.  I still can't believe I really got to go!  Or about how we're just about to actual summer which  means next school year Addi will be in kindergarten.  Or how we're about to celebrate our 13 year wedding anniversary!  Where is time going?

But for now I'll just share this jumpsuit.  It's kind of loud, incredibly soft and silky and I love it.  I think I could own endless jumpsuits at this point and I'd be happy.  Even if it pees having to fully  undress every time to go the bathroom.  I love them.  

(For size reference, since it's always iffy with sites like this, I got a large.  A medium probably would've fit a little better, but I always size up if I'm not sure.) 

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With the warmer weather what a darling outfit.