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February 20, 2014

Ups and Downs and Baby Mama Link up

top and bottom:  gift from family    headband: Mae and Jane etsy shop

This weeks Baby Mama style link up comes with no Mama style. I used all my outfit pictures already this week.  No one better to understand not getting dressed everyday than other moms, right? So instead I'm bringing you some ups and downs from our week:

- those ruffly pants.  enough said. 
-Addilyn is getting closer and closer to crawling.  She'll get up on all fours and rock back and forth and then she grunts and grunts and just ends up scooting backwards.  Its so crazy to me how that she'll be moving all around soon.  
- Addilyn has barely cried when I've put her down for naps this week.  I used to hold her for naps a handful of times a week, but then she stopped taking naps in her crib so with trying to be consistent I've been putting her down in her crib each time.  For the most part I like that, but I do miss holding her and tried the other day and it took me way longer to get her to sleep on me than on her own.  So I hope our napping together days aren't over, but I'm happy with our progress! 

vest, onesie and pants: old navy     headband: Mae and Jane etsy shop

- We had yet another winter storm this week and the roads were too bad to go out.  We missed our music class and were stuck inside all day.  I realize how lucky I am to be able to get out of the house most days, as I don't do well when we're home all day long.  Even if it is a run to the store or a walk (which I have yet to take in way too long!). 
- I came home the other day to a huge amount of dog throw up, and found out Molly ate half a tube of diaper cream.  She threw up more and we took her to the vet and found out that stuff is really bad for dogs and can be life threatening.  Thankfully she is doing better, but it was scary to think of losing our sweet dog!
- I'm so excited to be an aunt again but being far away is so hard.  I want to snuggle my new niece and want to see my sister.  Becoming a mother as made us even closer than we were before and has made it even harder to be far away.  

And now for some cute baby style!  

First meet one of my best blogging friend's adorable daughter Delainey. Alison is one of the sweetest, most thoughtful friend I've made through blogging.  I couldn't even count the number of emails we've exchanged the last two years.  We both were going through infertility struggles and it was wonderful to have someone to share such a personal struggle with, who understood what you were going through.  And now here we are with both our baby girls!  I so badly wish our girls could be friends and dream of them getting to met someday!

Thanks for linking up! No rules - link back here if you'd like and check out other mama's posts.  Come back in two weeks and do it again! 

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  1. She's getting so big! I can hardly believe it! I remember when you announced you were pregnant. STOP flying by time :(

  2. God smiles really big when He looks at her.

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  4. So glad your dog is ok, I'm sure that was scary. Silly doggy!

  5. seriously those ruffle pants :) also, i'm glad that molly is okay.

  6. OHHH my goodness. Those pants!! She is PERFECT!

  7. Oh my gosh! Those are adorable outfits!!!!

  8. SO glad Molly is ok!!! Yikes so scary. I LOVE her outfits!! Those pants ans that vest!! I also bought D the same one!! SO cute. Thank you for having me host with you!! our girl WILL meet!! :) I cannot believe she is almost crawling!! So exciting!

  9. Your naps might be over for a little while but once she gets a little older it will be easier for her to make occasional exceptions! And especially once she's in a toddler bed, watch out! You'll be praying for her to just stay in her bed all night and not end up with you! =)

  10. I am sorry you don't get to live near your sister and her family. I totally get that. My sister is in Italy. It is so hard being apart.

  11. I LOVE the all pink outfit on Addilyn...so girly and cute! I'm glad Molly is okay! Dogs get into the weirdest things sometimes.

    The Tiny Heart

  12. addi gets the best dressed baby award!! hope your doggy is feeling better soon!

  13. Oh my goodness, I totally know what you mean about not doing well when you are home all day. I get so stir crazy. I am so excited for spring to come!! Your baby is adorable by the way!
    Angela :)

  14. I didn't have time to get pics for the link-up this week, but oh my goodness those ruffle pants!! That's awesome Addi (can I call her that?) is almost crawling! Allie is a month older and still hasn't got on all fours yet. Each baby at her own pace! Allie has been sleeping in her crib since birth except for the very early days, and I miss SO much holding her for naps. I still do it if there's a good excuse like teething or overtired meltdown. Best feeling ever.


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