. . . for Lauren and Lauren: Germs, germs go away!!

February 22, 2017

Germs, germs go away!!

This is my current view right now.  A very sick Addi.  I am so over being sick and having to cancel plans!  We had such a great weekend that ended in Isaac and I throwing up all night Sunday, and last night Chris and Addilyn got it.  Last week I was at the doctor with Isaac because he had a high fever for days, and had a very few healthy days before getting sick again. We just had the stomach flu in January.  Come on Spring, we are so very ready for healthy days! 

Sickness aside, we really did have such a nice weekend.  The weather was amazing and we spent so much time outside.  Parks, walks, and hanging out in our yard.  We celebrated my niece's third birthday and spent most of her party outside.  In February!  It was wonderful.

Isaac turns one on Monday and then we have his party that weekend.  I have much to do to get ready for his party and am just praying we can all stay healthy before that.  I can not imagine having to reschedule or cancel his party. All the prayers that we get over this quickly and have some long stretches of health! 

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