. . . for Lauren and Lauren: FOUR

July 13, 2017


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Dear Addilyn - 

FOUR.  I can't believe you are a four year old.  

You are still this tiny little thing.  You weigh 30 pounds and are mostly in 3T clothing.  We'll find out at your next dr. appointment how tall you are, but you're definitely a short little thing.  Your big brown eyes are still my favorite and you are becoming less and less this little toddler and turning into a beautiful girl.  

You are so smart.  You have the best memory.  You do not forget random words you learn, things people say and memories we've had.  Which can be good and bad for me! You are so sassy and feisty with your words.  And with your facial expressions.  You know so many random things like the streets everyone lives on, doctor's names, birthdays, and tons of weird words like "emancipate and cream of tartar." You are such a little character and say the funniest things.  Like most toddlers you are also incredibly dramatic.  

You've gotten much more affectionate.  You've always been affectionate to me, but now you always hug your cousins, grandparents and many others!  I know it makes them all so happy! 

You've become so much more independent.  I'm sure some of that is just because you're getting older, but I think a lot is because Isaac is here and you've had to learn how to do things on your own and how to let others help you.  You went to preschool this year, which was really hard at first, but has helped with this a lot too.  Dropping you off places used to be such a struggle and I am so thankful that you do well when I leave.  You still have times when you cry when I leave you with daddy or a few rough school dropoffs, but they are much more few and farther between.  

You have the best, cutest little imagination.  You love playing with your little dolls, animals, trains, whatever is out.  You make them talk to each other, and can entertain yourself for quite awhile. You love doing crafts and projects.  You love coloring pictures, writing your name and playing with playdough.  You have gotten so good at doing things on your own which has been so nice for me!

You had a rough experience at the dentist and had to get your tooth pulled, which meant you couldn't use your pacifier for three days.  We were going to wait until you were four to take it away, but stuck with it then.  It was NOT easy at all, and made for a rough two weeks but now it's not even a thing anymore.  One day you said "I decided life can be good without my paci and someday when I'm old I'll say 'back in the day I used to use a paci."  We also said goodbye to naps when we got rid of your paci, which was also tough!  I am so glad we held onto those naps for so long, but I miss them! We're working on quiet time in your room when Isaac naps, and you usually end up just watching a show or playing on the ipad.  Your favorite shows are Kate and Mim-mim and Daniel Tiger.  

You love your cousins so much.  We're so lucky we see them so often!  We spend a lot of time at Aunt Lauren's and at Grandma and Grandpa's with your cousins.  You just had your first sleepover at both of their houses and had so much fun!  You also love playing with Kensie and Braydon, and always talk about Aaliyah.  

You and Isaac have started to play together more.  Which also comes fighting over things more too! But you are such a good big sister.  You make sure to kiss him everyday before his naps and bedtime. Give him lots of hugs and share your things with him.  He loves you so much and it makes my heart so happy knowing you two will be friends forever (hopefully, right?)

You get so excited about doing things.  You loved the fireworks, love going to the beach or swimming, and it's been so much fun doing things with you this summer.  I am loving this age and can't wait for age four.  Becoming your mom was something I dreamed about for years and years, and I couldn't be more thankful that God chose you for me.  You make my heart so full and happy and I could not love you more.  

Happy fourth birthday Addilyn Jane! 


Laura Darling said... Best Blogger TipsBest Blogger Templates

What a cutie! Love what she said about looking back on her paci days! She sounds so smart!!

PolkaDottyPlace said... Best Blogger TipsBest Blogger Templates

Happy Birthday Addi! What a little sweetie. Love her big personality and all the funny things she says. I think 4 year olds might be my favorite :) If only they still took naps haha