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July 24, 2017

The last

 top: c/o shein

New piece of clothing I gotthis top.  It's one size which it's always a little risky, but I love it.  Really comfy and I think it'll look super cute with a cardigan and jeans in the fall. 

Thing I ate: a handful of M&M's.  

Show I watched: the Bachelorette.  I will be sad when it's over, especially since Bachelor in Paradise won't be on after.  We have very few shows to watch these days. 

Podcast I listened to: Jen Hatmaker has a new podcast and I love her and loved listening to her first episode.  

Book I read: I'm not a huge reader, but do enjoy it once it awhile.  It's taking me awhile (because of shows like the Bachelor) but I'm ready Lisa Jo Baker's book Never Unfriended and am really liking it. I'm hoping to read the rest of it on our vacation.  (Is it called a vacation if it's with two little kids??) 

Thing I searched for to buy online: I really want a rug for our living room but haven't bought one because I'm afraid our kids will ruin it and keep thinking I'll wait till they are older.  Yet I look online all the time.  

Thing I did with the kids: I took them both to the beach by myself and was really proud of myself. It actually went really well and we all had fun!  I'm make sure to remember that when our next solo outing doesn't go as well! 


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J and A said... Best Blogger TipsBest Blogger Templates

Bach in paradise IS ON!!!! Thank goodness! I LOVE that top. Again, what aren't we neighbors??