. . . for Lauren and Lauren: ISAAC TURNS TWO!

February 27, 2018


Dear Isaac,

Tomorrow you turn two years old! It is crazy to me that you are no longer my baby and you are this toddler BOY!  You have become all boy these days.  Super heroes, army guys, wrestling, grunting, so much toughness in this tiny little body.  Sometimes I get a little nervous because it already feels like parenting a boy is so different than a girl and I don't feel prepared!  

You have the best smile.  You have little dimples that are the cutest.  It's easy to get you to smile or laugh and you make everybody happy.  They can't get over how adorable you are, and I think you feed right into it, smiling and waving and being silly.  You are a huge snuggler.  You give so many people hugs and you always put your head on the person's shoulder and wrap your arms around them. It is the sweetest thing.  

You're still just the floppiest kid.  I don't know what better way to describe it.  I can't trust your little body anywhere because you'll fling yourself around or fall over, like you're made of rubber.  It is hilarious and a little terrifying.  I think you just trust that whoever is holding you will catch you, which I guess makes sense because they always do.  But I feel like I have to warn anyone who is watching you. 

You are talking up a storm.  You have more words than I can count and talk in full sentences. You've started to response with a sassy attitude sometimes, like the other day when you said, "Sorry Katie" or when you say "go away!" over and over.  I'm sure you're learning lots of things from your sister! 

You love superheros.  Batman, superman, the hulk.  You pretend to be them, play that we're chasing bad guys, playing with little superhero figures. You can identify all of them and it is really cute. It's crazy what an opinion and how strong you already show interest in things.  You still only want to watch Cars on tv, and I'm ready to watch a new show!

You are a pretty good sleeper most of the time, of course going through phases on and off.  On a good day you go to bed by 7:30 and wake up at 6ish.  You usually nap for an hour and a half around 12:30. No complaining as I'm thrilled any night when I don't go in your room to sing you back to sleep! You sleep with your two little puppies and hold one in each hand.  

You love cereal, yogurt, chicken, avocado, veggie straws, granola bars, donuts, and any kind of sweets.  You love your family - your grandparents, aunts and uncles and cousins.  You get excited when we're going to see them, or when they are coming over.  You love your sister.  When you wake up you ask over and over when she is going to wake up.  You give her the biggest hug goodbye before preschool and can't wait to pick her up.  You two walk hand in hand just about every day out the door and it's the cutest thing.  

You don't like sharing toys and usually want whatever Addi is playing with.  You can go from being content to completely losing it and make the saddest, most pathetic face.  I can usually get you to take a few deep breaths and I have a hard time not laughing because it's just too cute.   You don't like being in the church nursery or gym childcare and we haven't pushed it too much, but I am ready for you to go in there and not cry! Hopefully this year!

I love you more than I can even say.  You bring so much joy to our lives and anyone that knows you. You are happy, sweet, fun, silly and tough, and I am so thankful that I get to be your mama.  Happy birthday sweet Isaac Jordan! you are so so loved. 


your mama 

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Suburban prep said... Best Blogger TipsBest Blogger Templates

Congratulations on your little man growing up.
Great picture of the two of you.

J and A said... Best Blogger TipsBest Blogger Templates

He is the swweetest little thing! I wish we were closer, him and Ryder would be the best buddies! It looked like he had a great day!!