. . . for Lauren and Lauren: Just wear the overwears!

February 22, 2018

Just wear the overwears!

overalls: gleam boutique   shoes: target 

The first time I put overalls on Addi as a opinionated toddler, she immediately started crying and dramatically tried to touch the ground and acted as though she was in a straight jacket.  She told me "I am never wearing overwears again!"   Thankfully I managed to convince her that she should give them a shot and now she'll wear them if I'm lucky.  

I bought my first pair of overalls as an adult over a year ago, and then they sat in my closet for a good three to four months.  I liked how they looked on me, and thought they were super comfortable, yet I was nervous to wear them because I thought I'd be trying to look like a child or that people would think they were ridiculous.  I've slowly worn them more and realize that they make me happy so I'm going to wear them whenever I want.  My sister wrote a blog post about wearing what makes you happy and not letting standards or expectations you put on yourself dictate what you wear.   I don't know why it took me so long to wear them or why I would be so concerned with what someone else would think! It's silly to admit, but I am sure most of us can relate to that about some trend or clothing or whatever it is.  

 The day I wore these a mom friend at preschool pickup told me she bought a pair of overalls but has yet to wear them.  I told her she needs to just wear them.  And then there is no going back, because this is my third pair. ;)

I got these overalls from The Gleam Boutique and I love them!  My sweet friend Laura is the owner and I love the clothes she's picked to add to her shop.  These overalls were only $38, which I have struggled to find a pair that isn't insanely expensive.  (Plus you can use code KATIE15FEB for 15% off!)  I'm also giving away a $15 giftcard on my instagram page this week (@katiejvale) so go check it out.  

For reference I am wearing a size large.  The models ones are super tight, and I wanted a baggier feel. A medium may have been fine, as the back is a little big in these, but I like how they fit. Loose and comfy.  Which pretty much sums up the majority of my wardrobe these days! 

Make sure to check out The Gleam Boutique and wear overalls, or whatever makes you happy!

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Thank you again & again, friend! You look amazing!!

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