. . . for Lauren and Lauren: sunflower dress and happy things

May 15, 2019

sunflower dress and happy things

dress: c/o shein
I'm working harder lately on recognizing and repeating things I'm grateful for.  I've read and listened to more and more things talking about your mental state drastically changing and affecting your physical state, and how slowing down and being grateful, even just slower breathing can make a huge impact in how you feel.  Not really new news, but I think with my recent health stuff I'm even more motivated to do what I can to feel better, physically and emotionally.  And also sometimes when your body feels crappy it's easy to just be in a crappy, frustrated mood.  But I'm naming things I'm thankful for multiple times during the day.  Today it's warm sunshine, walks around my driveway while my kids play, teaching classes at the gym, a dentist for my kids that they love, and clothes that make me happy.  What are you grateful for today?

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