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March 13, 2017

Weather woes and other randoms . . . .

I love graphic tees.  They make me happy, and I love this one from Riverbabe Threads.  I got it for $11 during one of their sales and I love it. 

It's currently snowing and we have a few inches on the ground.  It hasn't snowed since well before Christmas and I feel like it's a little late for that.  I just may have had a mini breakdown yesterday looking at the weather.  I am so ready for Spring! 

Chris and I started watching Big Little Lies and really like it.  I wish there was more episodes to watch at a time. Thankfully though Survivor started again so we have another show too.  I should be embarrassed that I've never missed an episode of Survivor, but instead of am proud of my loyalty to that show.  

Addi's been getting really good at writing her name and using scissors.  She wanted to take a picture like I take for Isaac's monthly pictures and did this all on her own! 

one // two
three // four

Loving these blue and white Spring tops.  Now if only Spring would be here I could wear some. (Check out more Spring items here and use coupon codes below!) 

Molly got her staples removed and her cone off, and it's SO nice having her almost back to normal. Our kids are back to laying on her and hugging and petting her and it makes me happy! 

Isaac got a ton of new toys for his birthday and both him and Addi have loved having new things to play with.  Makes it slightly more bearable that it's freezing again outside and we have had little plans lately.  

Hope you're weather is a little nice then here and that's you've had a good start to your week!

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Laura Darling said... Best Blogger TipsBest Blogger Templates

I'm sad about the weather too. :( We have a few inches now and are supposed to get 16-20 tomorrow. I could cry! I'm so ready for spring! I love how Addi wanted to take the picture, so funny!

Ashley said... Best Blogger TipsBest Blogger Templates

I read Big Little Lies and loved it so much but I couldn't get the first few minutes of episode 2....ahhh!!!

Super cute spring tops. I recently just got something like #3!