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December 17, 2017

Delivering cookies through the cold

Thank you to Evenflo for kindly sponsoring this post. All opinions are 100% honest & completely my own.

When we lived at our old house we were right off a busy road and I could never put my kids in a stroller and take a walk.  I was so excited when we moved to our house last year because we have this super long driveway and then a long road with little traffic, making it perfect to go on walks. We have this sweetest older couple that lives down that road that we visit.  They are so so sweet and I know they love when we come over.  We try to go a few times a month, and Addi asks all the time when we are going next.  We recently made them some Christmas cookies and the kids were so excited to bring some to Ms. Rosemary and Mr. Joe.

I was really excited to review and share about the Pivot Evenflo travel system. I have a few other Evenflo baby products and have always been impressed and loved them, so wasn't surprised that I loved this stroller.  With Isaac being over one and a half, we don't need the car seat and base, but it almost makes me want to have another baby so I can use every option of this system! I wish I had this from day one bringing Isaac home from the hospital. 

The Pivot can be used in six different positions.  I tried out each one, and it was really simple to figure out.  From the time I opened the box, put the stroller together and tried out each position it was less than 15 minutes.  I remember Chris and I attempted to put together the first stroller we got when I was pregnant with Addilyn and it took us FOREVER!  This was so simple.  

The car seat snaps right into the base for use in your car, and then easily snaps into the stroller frame. You can either have the car seat facing you or facing out.  I love this feature as both my kids would've been happier in a stroller as babies if they could've seen me.  And honestly probably as toddlers too! Which is why I love that when you snap in the bigger frame you can either face it towards you are away from you.  I think it's much easier to help your baby or toddler when they are right in front of you.  Plus Isaac loves when Addi pushes him in the stroller and he can see her. The walk to our neighbors is short enough that she can "help" push it most of the way!

It also has a position where you can completely recline the seat to be flat and the sides are high so it'd be perfect for your baby or toddler to take a nap.  This would've been so nice for when Isaac was a baby.  We had tons of stroller naps the spring and summer after he was born! 

My two other favorite things about this stroller is that it has a huge basket underneath.  Making it perfect for bags, coats, snacks, whatever you need to shove in there when you're out and about! I also love how light weight it is and easy to fold up.  It's easy to toss in your trunk and quick and easy to open too.  Which is definitely needed when you are getting in and out in this cold weather!

We have fully entered Winter here.  Cold, snowy and icy.  But it won't stop us from making visits to our favorite neighbors, especially around the holidays.  With cold weather, and winter germs these days can be long and I can easily feel limited in what we can do during the days.  Being about to get outside, even if short makes the day much more enjoyable.  Sometimes it is SO much work getting the kids dressed and prepared to go outside this time of year, but I am always glad when we do. And I know our neighbors really appreciate when we visit and I think it's good for my kids too. I'm thankful for a comfortable, safe and easy to use stroller to get us there! 

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Aww, what a cute thing to do with the kids!

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