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January 17, 2018

A new year

I feel like the last two years (perhaps maybe most moms could relate?) that I was mostly just surviving in terms of my personal self.  Adjusting to two kids, moving, keeping our house put together as possible, little sleep, forever changing routines and patterns and schedules and everything else of adulthood.  I have not had the motivation and desire to make resolutions and have failed to work on growth in myself in this season.  But I am feeling motivated and determined and excited about 2018 and know that God is going to work in my heart and I'm wanting to do the work.  

I recently got a bullet journal and I can't tell you how much I love it. (I got this journal and these pens and love them.)  It's relaxing, enjoyable and I think will help me stay organized and motivated. I wrote out my resolutions for the year . . . . . 

Put my phone away after 9:30.  I want to spend less time on my phone throughout the day, and may put some other limits at some point, but for now I'm plugging my phone in and putting it away by 9:30 so I stop wasting time before I go to bed. 

Pray for my kids more. I want to work more on my prayer life, and specifically want to pray for my kids more - their relationship with each other, their future and most importantly ways that I can show them how much God loves them and that they chase after Him. 

Bring a friend a meal or flowers once a month. I want to show acts of kindness more, so this is one of my goals!

Be in a small group.  It's been way to long since I've been in a small group (since right before Isaac was born) and I'm longing for connection and spiritual growth with other woman. 

Bake more things from scratch.  I have always loved to bake and still do with the kids, but almost always use things from a box.  I'd love to go back to making home made muffins and donuts and whatever else!

Read more books, watch less Netflix.  It's embarrassing the amount of time I've spent (or not spent) reading books the last two years.  It's so much easier for me to watch tv when I have any down time, but I want to change that this year.  

Care less about how much I weigh and more about how strong I feel.  I wish the number on the scale wouldn't even matter to me, and I determined to work on that this year.  I'm feeling really strong and I want to focus more on that and reaching different goals than on weight. 

Get Isaac in the gym childcare and nursery.  Anytime we've tried either he just cries so so hard and gets really worked up and then we don't try for awhile.  I would LOVE to be able to sit in the service with Chris, or go to the gym whenever I wanted and use their childcare.

Make healthier food for my kids.  I know kids are picky and many don't eat great, but I want to try to make different options and at least offer my kids healthier options. 

Play more games with Chris.  Again, we watch a lot of tv and I want to spend our time playing games like we used to more often. 

Do an unassisted pullup.  I am determined to be able to do one unassisted pullup at the gym. I am much stronger now then when I started but still can't even move an inch when I hang from the bar.  It will happen some day!

Go on a girls' trip and go on a trip with Chris.  I have plans to go away with my high school girls friends for a long weekend and I can not wait.   I also want to go on a few day trip with Chris, as we've never been gone for more than 24 hours in four and a half years!  

I am really excited for 2018 and a lot of self growth.  So cheers to a new year and a whole lot of goals to be accomplished!  

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Suburban prep said... Best Blogger TipsBest Blogger Templates

One of my nephews is not big on veggies. However I make a zucchini bread that I take out some of the sugar and double the amount of the zucchini and he loves it. He also loves artichoke dip. I have made a quiche that I call bacon quiche (it has Canadian bacon) but I put a good portion of spinach in it. Somehow he seems to eat these because the veggie is not the item that he tastes the most.

The Teacher's Lane said... Best Blogger TipsBest Blogger Templates

I watch a lot of tv too, but I really enjoy it, for better or worse haha. 🤷🏼‍♀️ Plus, I just need that time to zone out. I miss reading, but have recently started listening to audio books. I love it! But honestly, i only get to listen in the car on the way to and from work. When I'm home with my kids, I can't. Some of the books aren't appropriate for them to be hearing. So I don't know if that idea would help you out any.