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January 8, 2018

Our Christmas

I'm a little late, but wanted to share the many Christmas pictures I have.  I just looked back at my post from last year and it amazing me how much and how fast things change when your kids are this little. Isaac was just a baby last year, and it was so fun to have two kids excited for Christmas this year! I know it will just keep getting more exciting for them and I love it!

We hadn't gotten much snow before Christmas, so nothing was on the ground, and it wasn't supposed to snow.  We were so happily surprised when it started snowing Christmas Eve morning.  It was beautiful and perfect.  Addi was so excited and wanted to take some pictures outside in the snow. I of course obliged.  

We went to church with my parents, my in laws and my sister and her family. I feel so very fortunate that all of our immediate family lives so close and that we get to celebrate with all of them over Christmas.  That evening we went to my parents for dinner and presents with them.  

I tried to take pictures and every single one of them was so blurry.  Five kids and presents and I guess that makes sense.  They were all so excited and it was so much fun.  We went home, and Addi sprinkled some reindeer food out, set out cookies for Santa and went to bed!

 The next morning our kids miraculously slept till 6:30 and we opened presents and spend a few hours in our living room playing with new toys.  Chris' parents and brother and his family came over for brunch and more presents with the cousins.  Later that night we went to Chris' parents house with some other family members for dinner.

 Addi's big present.  My dad built a dollhouse and I painted and decorated it.  I'll have to share more about it in another post!
  My sister took Addi and my niece to the dollar store to buy presents for our family and Addi immediately picked out a wine glass for me.  Guess she knows what I like.  ;) 

 We had such a wonderful Christmas.  I feel so thankful for our family and all that God has given us! Holidays with my family just keep getting better and better. 

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Suburban prep said... Best Blogger TipsBest Blogger Templates

Darling photos. Everyone looks like Christmas was a hit.

We had not had snow until Christmas Eve and I drove from my place to my mother's to bring them the beef that I bought for their Christmas dinner. I live 15 miles away and it took 1 hour and 15 minutes there and back. It was like the snowplows had not gotten out until after I got home. I did see an accident or two happen on the way home.

All the snow is melting now as we get above freezing for the next few days until this weekend.

All the best to you and your cute family for 2018.

PolkaDottyPlace said... Best Blogger TipsBest Blogger Templates

It's never too late to document sweet family moments! Glad you had such a nice Christmas with your families. I don' think I ever realized your husband's family was close by, too. Addi's doll house is amazing. Great job!