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May 20, 2015

I Couldn't Live without . . . . a Summer Wishlist

top: kohls   sandals: loft

I recently got this top from Kohls and I love it.  I am pretty sure it is technically a swimsuit coverup, which I would definitely wear it for that, but I love it with leggings or with jeans.  Loose and baggy? My new wardrobe requirements, remember?  

We've had some super warm days here last week and it's felt like summer.  I switched out all my Fall/Winter clothes and a friend came and helped me organize my closet too. Which I'll have to share because I LOVE it!  It makes me excited for summer and feels like having a whole new wardrobe. 

Here's a few things I'd love to add to my summer wardrobe:

Cute flowy tank tops like these from Apparel Candy.  I love the peplum bottom, and want more like it after getting this tank top from Old Navy.  Now if only someone wants to go in on it to get the price for the wholesale clothing so they're only $6!  Maybe I should start my own store?! :) 

Floral prints.  And while I'm not positive I could pull off the floral pants, I want a pair and want more floral things in my wardrobe.  

Swimsuit.  Speaking of things I'm not sure if I can pull off, this swim suit bottom from Old Navy.  My sister showed it to me online and now I want to try it on.  I want a cute swim suit that I can feel comfortable in chasing Addilyn around in, but that is cute too!  

Fun workout shoes.  Like these New Balance ones I found on additionelle.com.  I've written before that I always wear Aasics for running and more intense working out.  But I'd love some other fun shoes to just wear this summer when I'm outside with Addi.  

What is on your summer wishlist?  And what can you not live without this week?  Link up below!

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Chrissy + Nate said... Best Blogger TipsBest Blogger Templates

Ooh girl, loose and baggy tops are my THING! Although I have heard some of the teen girls taking bets on if I'm pregnant or not because I wear loose and flowy tops.... I finally told them, "NOPE! I just like loose and flowy tops!" Ha! And I've been wanting to get fun athletic shoes for some time as well. If you get some, share!

two birds said... Best Blogger TipsBest Blogger Templates

Ooh, I love the ON swimsuit and those floral pants. I am certain you would look great in both. I love your top, too. It's great that you can wear it as both a shirt and swimsuit cover up!