. . . for Lauren and Lauren: Baby #2 Week by Week

March 3, 2016

Baby #2 Week by Week

pregnancy week by week
pregnancy week by week

I'm so glad that I documented this pregnancy week by week.  I love that I did for Addilyn, and love looking through those updates (especially during this pregnancy) and am sure when Isaac is older he'll like to hear about all he put his mama through.  Just kidding.  Mostly.  

Like most would say there sometimes I'd say this pregnancy went by slow and sometimes that it went quickly.  Although I'd probably lean towards the slower end, as most of this pregnancy was not very comfortable for me.  But as I know everyone would say, it is so so worth it.  Now that he is here, I can say I would do it over again for him! I am so happy he is here on the outside and that I can carry him around and not in my belly!

Thanks for coming a week early Isaac!

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