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June 8, 2017

15 months


15 months old!  TIme is going so quickly and you are such a little BOY.  I've always thought your face looked more like a little boy, then a baby, but now you finally seem like a toddler.  You are still the happiest little guy.  You definitely tell us when you want something and have your share of tears but you are usually really happy.  You are pretty quiet and relaxed when we're in new places, at least for the first half hour or so.  You like to just watch and observe and usually want me holding you. We went to the splash park last week and you wouldn't let me put you down for the first 30 -45 minutes. You finally ran into the water but got splashed in the head and you wouldn't go back in. You were very happy to play at the park though.  

You take two naps a day, usually each an hour.  I am ready for you to do one nap, but you usually wake up around 5 and are so tired before 9:00.  Hopefully we'll get there soon!  Thankfully you sleep through the night most days, which I am so so grateful for.  You go to bed really easy between 7 and 7:30 and are usually up around 5:15 or so.  
Most days I nurse you in the morning and before bed.  If it was up to you, you'd probably nurse more throughout the day but I am ready to be done soon.  I don't know how we'll cut out those two feedings though because you are very clear in asking to nurse at those times.  

In the last month you have started talking so much more.  You have a ton of words you say often on your own.  Mama, dada, Addi ("Aaada"), more, all done, bye, car, truck, Molly ("Mol"), goats, good dog, cracker.  You'll repeat a lot of what we say if the time is right!  But overall you are a really quiet baby.  You have the cutest little giggle, and it's the same little laugh as Addi.  You also have the saddest, most pathetic cry.  You get so sad and mad when you don't get what you want and it's hard to say no to you because you are so stinkin' cute! 

Your hair is getting lighter and lighter.  We got it got two months ago and should go back again. It is started to cover your ears and eyes again!  You weigh just over 20 pounds and are 31 inches long. We went to the doctor last week and you were so happy in the waiting room and then lost it when we put you on the scale.  You could not pull it together and cried through the whole appointment until we left!  

You are obsessed with this little pop up book that we have.  Each page as these little bubble things that you pop down.  You'll sit there and do it for quite awhile and have done it so much that many of the pops are broken.  You love any kind of flap books and any books with animals.  You still say baa for many animal sounds, but are getting better at others.  You LOVE being outside.  Feeding our animals, helping water the plants and just running around.  It is exhausting following you around because you want to do everything Addi does but can't do much on your own.  You still love Molly so much and call her all the time, lay all over her and hug her constantly.  

You are the cutest little boy in the world.  It is so fun watching you learn new things, hearing you say more and more and doing fun new things with you.  I am so lucky to be your mama and could not love you more!! 

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He's so sweet!! I can't believe how fast time goes by! It's nuts. His hair is so cute.