. . . for Lauren and Lauren: Meet Mocha & Latte

June 28, 2017

Meet Mocha & Latte

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This post is so late as we've had these two girls for a few months now, but I figured I should share some cute pictures of our two newest additions - Mocha & Latte.  They are both about a year and a half old and are super cute.  They are quite the little stinkers though, as the first two weeks we had them, they escaped almost daily from their pen.  Of course while Chris was at work, and I'd see them running passed our living room windows, or eating our flowers on our porch.  I may have called Chris just a few times telling him to come home and get his goats back in their pen. I also became quite successful in catching them and feeding them handfuls of treats.  

While they are definitely more his thing than mine, I do think they are adorable and fun. I also prefer when Chris does most of the work with them, as I am still not convinced I'm meant to be any kind of animal caretaker, minus a dog.  But the kids both love them and I think they will love having animals and growing up in the space that we have.  There are still many, many days that I can't believe we have chickens and goats.  It's so fun to look in our backyard and see them, or hear them - they can be so loud!  (Sorry neighbors!)  


Laura Darling said... Best Blogger TipsBest Blogger Templates

Goats sound so fun! But I'm e you, I wouldn't want to do most of the work either! That's how I am with our chickens. Love the eggs and the farm-ish feel, don't love the chores involved! :)

Allison said... Best Blogger TipsBest Blogger Templates

How fun!! Love their names. My Aunt had goats and we loved going to visit them. Your kids will have so much fun with this!!!