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October 8, 2017

Lately . . . .

tee: c/o shein   pants: jcpenney  booties: nordstrom rack

THIS TEE.  I'm pretty sure you can't have too many striped tops, and I love this new one I got last week.  It was only $10 and is super comfy and will be cute with a sweater for Fall and Winter.  

THESE JEANS.  I had seen a few people post about these jeans and a few months ago JCPenney had awesome coupons online and I ended up getting these for $17.  I did have to exchange them for a different size in the store, which took me two months to actually do it, but totally worth it.  

ISAAC TIME.  We usually make plans each morning that Addi is in preschool, but this last week we had a few cancelled plans and ended up home each morning.  I love having plans and sometimes go a little crazy when we're home all day, but I'm learning to enjoy slower days and love having one on one time with Isaac.  

PICTURE DAY.  Addi has school pictures last week.  Remember last years? 

That smile still makes me laugh and has been on our fridge since last year.  I saw them take hers this year and she did a perfectly genuine smile.  And I want her outfit in my size.  Thank you Old Navy for every piece of it!

MY TIRED IS TIRED.  I probably should not by anymore t-shirts that talk about being tired or coffee.  But they make me really happy, and I love this one from Jumping Jack apparel.  (Use code KATIE15 for 15% off your order!)

Hope you all had a great weekend!
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