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September 17, 2014

Health Updates

vest: target   pants: H&M   headband: made my me 

First of all I love this outfit.  Dressing Addilyn for fall is my new favorite part of our morning. Shallow yes, but seriously isn't her outfit the cutest? 

Addilyn passed out again on Tuesday after she fell.  It wasn't as bad as when it happened on her birthday, as she came out of it quicker, but I was alone and it was incredibly scary.  I surprisingly handled it okay that day.  I was babysitting and so I felt like I had to pull myself together and move on.  But later that night and the next day, I started getting teary and anxious when I thought about it.  We took her to the doctor and he thinks she is holding her breath when she falls.  While I'm relieved that he doesn't think she's have a seizure or that there is anything life threatening happening, I'm still anxious about it happening again.  For awhile after she fell two months ago my heart would start beating super fast and I'd get really nervous when she would get hurt and cry.  I finally was over that and now I'm here again.  The doctor said that this could also happen if she cries really hard and gets worked up.  We're currently trying to get her to stay in the nursery at church, but she cries so much I am now scared about her doing that there.  I feel torn about how to handle that situation.  

We've had Addilyn on acid reflux medicine for the last few weeks.  We've finally gotten her to take it and have noticed a difference in the amount of food she will eat.  When we were at the doctors last week we weighed her and she's gained a half pound, which is more than she gained in almost three months.  I feel really frustrated that our doctor didn't suggest acid reflux at all.  I was the one that brought it up.  I'm mad that she made us go through scary and expensive testing.  I feel like Addilyn has probably had acid reflux since she was a baby and I'm frustrating I didn't figure it out, but more mad our doctor didn't, as I feel like I've always been telling her Addilyn's symptoms.  She is still coughing some at night though, so I'm not sure if those are related and am wanting to get that figured out too.   

Any of you moms have there have experience with your kids passing out or with acid reflux at this age?  Did you kids cough a lot when lying down?  I'd be appreciative for any stories with experience!

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Angie said... Best Blogger TipsBest Blogger Templates

She is such a doll. That headband is so cute on her.

I hope they find out what is going on with her soon. I can only imagine how scary and frustrating it must be. Prayers for you momma, hang in there!

Lindsay @ Pursuit of Pink said... Best Blogger TipsBest Blogger Templates

Oh no, so sorry to read this. Have you thought about going to a different pediatrician if this doctor doesn't seem to be doing the best job? I will pray for you guys and that you find the perfect medical fit and that sweet Addilyn gets better very soon.

Ashley said... Best Blogger TipsBest Blogger Templates

I would be so scared, too, if my little one passed out. My friend's daughter used to make herself pass out after a tantrum....and it really freaked her out, but the daughter grew out of it! I know it's not the same thing...but maybe that will help a little?

Mandi Petter said... Best Blogger TipsBest Blogger Templates

I understand how frustrating it can be to not get good answers from your doctor. Our son was misdiagnosed multiple times (over years) and thankfully an ER doctor actually got to the root and he had asthma. I will be praying that you all are able to get to the root!

Btw our son does cough a lot at night. We believe its a mix of asthma and allergies for him.

shelleystursma said... Best Blogger TipsBest Blogger Templates

We have a cougher, too. We chalked it up to allergies and asthma. And he was just officially diagnosed with reflux six weeks ago, and his tenth birthday is Monday. I felt horrible as he was telling his doctor about his symptoms, since he would never mention them to us.
It is so hard when your child can't or won't communicate!

Dawn said... Best Blogger TipsBest Blogger Templates

I have one child treated as acid reflux, another you CANNOT compare Addilyn to. Liam had cancer, but from that experience I can tell you to go with your gut. Do not let yourself to think the worst, but do not stop until you are comfortable with the diagnosis. Always know I am here for you!

Christina said... Best Blogger TipsBest Blogger Templates

This sounds so scary, I'm sorry you are going through such an experience. If you feel like something is off, follow your gut and look into a second opinion.

Christine @ Projects Around The House said... Best Blogger TipsBest Blogger Templates

My little sister used to hold her breath when she was a baby and pass out. I remember how scared my mom was the first time it happened but she grew out of it eventually. Hopefully you have her reflux issues figured out now too.

Kelly said... Best Blogger TipsBest Blogger Templates

I have absolutely no experience but your adorable family is in my prayers and that outfit is just the cutest!

Hannah Prevost said... Best Blogger TipsBest Blogger Templates

My son did the same thing when he was younger. He finally stopped doing it when he was about 3 years old.
The first few times he did it it scared me to death! The doctors told me the same thing though, "he's just holding his breath until he passes out."
It was his coping mechanism I guess? Anyways, I wouldn't worry yourself over it! She's already done it twice from what I've read, and she's come back from it just fine, right?
Just calmly pick her up and talk soothingly... At least that's what I did :)

Christina Schergen said... Best Blogger TipsBest Blogger Templates

Jude was a cryer passer outer...the first time it happened our dog knocked him down in the yard it was so scary. When he got worked up and started to hold his breath I used to blow in his face...it really did help and would force him to take a huge breath.

Nadine said... Best Blogger TipsBest Blogger Templates

I'm not a Mom and I'm certainly not an expert. I've worked in a Children's Hospital now for about two months. That's it. BUT I will say that one of the first things that shocked me was the number of kids that come in to the ER because they passed out and how many times it actually was just because they were holding their breath. I had no idea that was something that was an issue but apparently it's pretty common because we see it all the time. The kids just forget to breathe and then they pass out and as soon as they do, they start breathing again. It's crazy that it isn't really dangerous (except if they hit their heads on something on the way down) and it's never what the parents want to hear. It doesn't seem like enough of an explanation, right? But honestly, in two months alone I've heard about it a lot. Maybe that makes you feel better? I hope it does.

maria said... Best Blogger TipsBest Blogger Templates

My nephew also had the same thing when he was younger, if he was worked up and mad he would sometimes hold his breath and pass out. Apparently it can't do much harm, other than freak the parents out!

Hope things will get better!

Renee Tribou said... Best Blogger TipsBest Blogger Templates

I follow your blog and I enjoy your posts :) I wanted to share my story. I am a 30-something mother to two little boys. When I was a toddler, I began passing out. Of course it freaked my parents out and they brought me to the pediatrician. All medical causes were ruled out - no seizures or anything of that nature. My mother pinned it down to every time I passed out, it was after getting really hurt, or really upset. The pediatrician said that sometimes this happens when kids get really anxious or something traumatic happens. This lasted throughout my childhood...if I got hurt badly or if I got really worked up about something, I would pass out. I specifically remember when I was about 6 years old, I was fighting with my 3 year old sister over a ballet slipper...I had one, she had the other...I had mine first...we tug-of-warred over it for some time until BOOM, down I went. All that being said, as a mom now myself, I would probably feel frustrated with that answer - that my child passes out from anxiety or trauma - but it can indeed be the case. I would say that by about age 10 I grew out of it. I am still prone to light-headedness at times, but it's usually due to other factors (I don't pass out if I don't get my way or if I get hurt, lol!). It is definitely freaky for parents and caregivers...my mother couldn't get anyone to babysit me, not even my grandmother!!! So I feel for you, and your sweet daughter. Hang in there!

Sarah said... Best Blogger TipsBest Blogger Templates

That is so scary, glad that you were able to keep your cool. I had NO idea that kids could/would hold their breathe till they passed out, I just thought your body would tell you to breathe and then force you to take a breath. Apparently not...I hope you get it figured out. The reflux thing, how frustrating, but at least it's getting better. You fight for her and what you think is right as her mom. Good luck!

Ali said... Best Blogger TipsBest Blogger Templates

Ugh, what a frustrating situation to be in with her pediatrician. I also agree that maybe you should switch doctors or at least get a second opinion. You're supposed to be able to trust them and hope they relieve any worries you may have. There are 5 peds at the office we go to and there's one I cannot stand on every level so I be sure to not book with them. So sorry you're going through this, but definitely go with your intuition! I remember my son Levi would turn purple from crying/holding his breath when he was really little. It only happened a few times but enough to cause severe panic. He did outgrow it as well. Sending you hugs, girly!

Ali (adl1157 on IG :) )

two birds said... Best Blogger TipsBest Blogger Templates

So scary. I am so sorry you are dealing with all of this. I have never had problems with my kids passing out or with acid reflux, so I am afraid I have no advice about that. I hope you get some answers soon! xoxoxo.

Kayla MKOY said... Best Blogger TipsBest Blogger Templates

First of all, is she wearing a vest? Holy cuteness!!!! Second, sending lots of prayers your way girlfriend. I can imagine how frustrated id be at the doctor too...I mean, that IS her job! Praying for your sweet little gal and hope she can keep her crying down and all will be well :)

Cody Doll said... Best Blogger TipsBest Blogger Templates

Wow how scary! I think I suffered with alot when I was a child. We found out that I was allergic to my moms milk, so it could be something she's eating regularly. Maybe try switching doctors. Your her mom so you have to be active about it. Sorry to hear that those. I hope everything turns out alright.

GirlRural.com said... Best Blogger TipsBest Blogger Templates

If she were older I might think holding her breath. However, since your doctor wasn't able to diagnose acid reflux, which is very common in children, I would demand a second opinion. It's always good to get a second opinion when someone doesn't seem right to you. Your gut as a mom is the best diagnostic tool there is. Do not doubt your instincts or let anyone talk you out of getting another opinion if you aren't satisfied with what you've heard.

Alison said... Best Blogger TipsBest Blogger Templates

First of all - I LOVE her outfit. Secondly, I am so sorry this happened again. It must be so scary! I would see another doctor if you could, you gotta go with your gut and mama instinct. xo

Niki {Glossy Blonde} said... Best Blogger TipsBest Blogger Templates

I love that outfit too! And that is great that she's gained some weight, but it must be so scary for you to go through this with the fainting. Your sweet girl is in my thoughts and prayers.

Hillary said... Best Blogger TipsBest Blogger Templates

A little girl that I babysit does that exact same thing!! She tripped and fell one day and then passed out almost right afterwards. She was taken to the ER to rule out any problems and the physicians confirmed that she was holding her breath (probably from the shock of the fall) until she passed out. The doctors said that sometimes it hereditary. When the mom went to tell her mother - in- law what happened she found out that her husband (the father of the little girl) did the SAME THING when he was little! It's very scary but she told me that she'll grow out of it.

Laura said... Best Blogger TipsBest Blogger Templates

So sorry to hear about Addilyn's health issues. I'm glad the acid reflux meds are working, but I totally get your frustration in the doctor not figuring it out herself. I would be very frustrated. Have you considered switching to a new doctor? I hope Addilyn's other issues are resolved soon, and more so that God takes your fears and gives you peace that He's in control.