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October 26, 2015

Looking back

This last weekend we went away to Wisconsin and there were so many things that made the weekend great.  It's impossible for me to not think about our last trips there and look at where are family is now and just be beyond thankful for all God has given us.  Chris and I first stayed in this house when we were starting another round of fertility treatments.  I remember giving myself multiple shots in the bathroom and wondering what our family would look like down the line.  What weekend getaways would look like, and if we'd have kids to bring with us.  A year later we came back and I was five months pregnant with Addilyn.  I remember hiking through the same trails, thinking how last year at that time I had no idea what our future would look like and here I was pregnant with our baby girl.  The following year we came back with Addilyn.  She swam for the first time in the pool, and slept (terribly I remember) in the same bedroom we were in years before.  

This year here I was standing in the same place with a two year old, and pregnant with a baby boy. I never want to cease to be amazed at how good God is.  That His plan is perfect and that waiting for his timing gave us the biggest blessings we could ask for.  Two miracles and a family that I am so grateful for.  I think when you're deep in the trenches of uncertainty and fear, not knowing what your future holds, it's hard to look past that.  To know that God has a plan and that His way is better than we can imagine.  But there is so much hope that it is there.  I would have never imaged four years ago that I'd have a two year, and a baby on the way that came without any interventions.  That'd we would be on our way to becoming a family of four.   I couldn't feel more thankful for God's blessing and am grateful that I can look back now and see our prayers answered more than we could've asked for. 

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