. . . for Lauren and Lauren: Christmas tree day

December 7, 2015

Christmas tree day

My favorite day of the year.  Every year since I was little we would go get our Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving.  We go to the same place, about a half hour away, that is a family owned, adorable place and we love it.  We take a tractor ride out to the trees, cut one down, bring it back and eat donuts and hot chocolate inside.  Later that night we decorate my parents' huge tree and eat pizza together.  Chris and I decorate our own tree the next morning.  I love family traditions and this one is at the top of my list.  It was so fun with Addilyn this year, as she kept saying "It's Christmas tree day!" 

I will say finding something warm and cute when you're 26 weeks pregnant is a challenge.  None of my coats zip or warm clothes fit.  Leggings and big sweatshirt it was! Now for a picture overload.  I love them all!

And my favorite one.  So thankful to have been doing this with this man for the last ten years.

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