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August 11, 2016

Sixth times a charm

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This post was sponsored by Evenflo as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central. I received the Evenflo Sibby Travel System to facilitate my review.

I should be embarrassed at the amount of strollers that we have in our garage.  Half of them have been hand me downs and the other half we have purchased.  I feel like it is so hard to find the perfect stroller.  One for errands, one for when I'm out with one, when I'm out with both kids, one for long walks.  Now I don't think there is one stroller to fit all those, but this one can definitely cover a few. Minus the long walks or runs, this Evenflo Sibby Travel System & Ride-Along Board has been great for the rest of those needs! 

The stroller is so light weight.  I can grab the pull on the seat with one hand and it's folds super easy, and I can put it in my truck.  All while holding Isaac.  Same with getting it out.  Super easy and can be done with one hand.  It's also so light to push around, even with Addi on it.  The car seat is also super light weight, and the handle is shaped that makes it easier to carry. 

This stroller is perfect for running errands.  Snap Isaac's car seat in and Addi can hop on the back. She can stand on the Ride-Along Board while we walk through the parking lot, and jump on and off easily, while we're in the store.  The bottom basket is large enough for a handful of things (obviously not for a large grocery shopping, which I rarely do with both kids anyway).  But it could easily fit my diaper bag, a packed lunch, and a few other things.  

It's also perfect for just Isaac.  The little stand comes off super quick and easy, and the stroller is easy to maneuver, take him in and out, and he seems comfortable.  Right now I just snap the carseat in, but I'm sure in a few months I'll take out the little bar and he can sit in the front.  Or Addi can sit in the front and I can wear Isaac in the wrap or Ergo.  I love that there are lots of options! 

The Cost.  Strollers and carseats are so expensive.  This one?  All togethers it's only $189! For the stroller, car seat and the base.  I feel like that is totally reasonable.  And it's available at everyone's favorite store.  Target.

It comes with a base that is super easy to install in the car.  I love that I can snap it in and out, and then in and out of the stroller so easily.  

There are other colors (raspberry, grey and blue), but I love the denim charcoal color.  

As far as double strollers go, the one we previously purchased, as well as others my friends have, are so heavy, bulky and a pain to get in out of the car, and through doors.  This one is none of those things and I love it! 

The only thing this stroller isn't ideal for is for a long walk, for the purpose of going on a walk. Addi wouldn't be able to stand on the step for all too long, as I think her arms would get tired.  We like to walk around this little neighborhood by our house and Addi stays in the stroller most of the time. It's about a mile and a half and I don't think she'd stand and hold on the whole time.  Given, some walks she wants to be in and out and in that case this would work! 

I would definitely recommend the Sibby travel system for a growing family, as it's an affordable, functional (and stylish) option for one or two kids.  

Thank you Evenflo for letting me try out this new product.  We've been using it since the day we got it! 


muriel said... Best Blogger TipsBest Blogger Templates

My kids are past most of the stroller stage, but riding board is a great idea. And your backpack is cute. :-)

Kelly said... Best Blogger TipsBest Blogger Templates

I am so glad you found something that worked well for you and Addi is just so cute!

xx Kelly
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Kayla Huebner said... Best Blogger TipsBest Blogger Templates

We're thinking about baby #2 already (we have a 7 month old), so I'm kind of freaking out over figuring out the double stroller thing! Ugh! But this looks like a fun option with the riding board!

The Lady Okie said... Best Blogger TipsBest Blogger Templates

That is a great idea for a stroller! I can see how it wouldn't work for long distances, though. Cool!

Jen Varda said... Best Blogger TipsBest Blogger Templates

Looks like you took some pictures in McHenry :) That's where I grew up and still presently live. I need to check this stroller out. Thanks!