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August 1, 2016

5 months

Dear Isaac, 

I can't believe another month passed.  One more and you have been here half a year!  You still are the smiliest little guy.  Not quite as content doing your own thing, but as long as someone is looking at you, you are happy.  You love being held and have started grabbing my face and giving me some open mouth kisses.  You put both hands on my cheeks and I think you're just trying to eat my face but I'm counting it as kisses.  Everyone always comments on how happy you are.  It is the best! 

You love watching Addi play.  You laugh at her more than at anything else.  The other day she was throwing a massive fit and sitting on the ground crying.  I was holding you, standing next to her, and you kept laughing.  She of course didn't find that funny, but I sure did.  You also laugh at her plenty when she's trying to make you laugh too! 

You get so sweaty and hot easily.  When you cry in your carseat, when I wear you in the wrap or just when we're outside you get so sweaty!  On Addilyn's birthday you actually got quite overheated and it really freaked me out.  We were at the park and you stayed asleep from Uncle Jacob, to nursing , to your car seat (which you still hate) and then on the way home.  I had a hard time getting you to stay awake and was really scared for a little bit.  Thankfully after a cold washcloth and air conditioning you perked back up. I may be a little paranoid now, as this summer has been super hot! 

You always have your hands in your mouth.  Sometimes sucking on a finger, but not consistently and I pretty much just wish you'd figure out how to suck your thumb.  I'd love for you to have something that comforts you, since you don't like a pacifier anymore.  Although I embarrassingly still try here and there.  You look at me like I'm crazy when I try.  It's well past time I give that up.  

You have started laughing more and more.  You laugh when daddy tosses you in the air, or when I play peek a boo with you.  You love watching Addi run around and make silly sounds and laugh and laugh.  

You have rolled over from your back to your stomach just a few times when trying to grab something or pull on a blanket.  You don't love being on your stomach and often roll onto your back or just start crying when I put you on your belly.  

Your sleep is still not great.  You wake up thirty minutes on the dot for every nap.  And I have to rock you until you are fully asleep before putting you down.  Same with bedtime.  You always wake up thirty minutes after putting you down, then stay asleep for 2-3 hours.  Then usually two again, sometimes one.  For most of this month I'd end up holding you in bed because I was too tired to try to put you back down again!  I really hope you sleep longer soon.  I am tired!!

You still have this constant cough.  We've been to the doctor quite a few times and we have tried acid reflux medicine, antibiotics and recently the nebulizer.  That helped some, but you are still coughing. It definitely disrupts your sleep, but usually during the day you're still happy despite coughing. We have an appointment with a lung specialist next month, so hopefully we'll get some answers and help for you! 

Isaac Jordan I am so thankful for you!  You are happy, adorable and we love you so so much. You make me so happy!


your mama

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This is just the sweetest! (And I LOVE the side-by-side picture of your kiddos at the same age!)

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