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August 15, 2016

T25 workout

I found a half written post I started two months ago about exercise after baby number two.  A big part about working to find time to fit it in.  Funny seeing as I didn't even finish the post.  Lately that is my biggest struggle when it comes to working out.  I definitely gave myself some time after Isaac was born, knowing it'll be even more challenging this time around to get back in shape.  And even still feel like I need to remind myself how little he is and to just do the best I can.  

I was really excited to try out the T25 workout videos from Beachbody.  I had done the 21 day fix extreme, as well as the maternity workout videos online.  And loved them both.  I wanted a workout that was relatively short, fun and could get me back in shape.  These have been perfect.  I hadn't done any videos with Shawn T before but love him. 

One of my favorite things is that there is a different video each day.  While some of the moves repeat in the videos, they are definitely different and I didn't feel bored.  I didn't miss a day the first three weeks, but then Isaac got sick, was less content doing anything on his own while I worked out, and very little time to do it when he was sleeping.  So I have been just doing the best I can, my goal being at least three of the five days a week.  Then having to count taking the kids on a walk or chasing Addi around as a work out.  Or doing squats while I'm trying to get Isaac to sleep. :)  

One of the things that was hard with the 21 day fix extreme is that they were hard on my knees. After the marathon this last time I struggle sometimes with a lot of plyometric moves and end up having to modify a lot, especially for my right knee.  Thankfully I didn't feel like that with these videos. Still a whole lot of cardio, but felt easier on my knees.  

After the five weeks there's a new schedule for another five weeks with some more challenging videos. I'm excited to try those soon!  I love that Beach Body has so many different videos and workout programs.  I'd love to do the 21 Day Fix Extreme again, once I'm in a little better shape. And would also love to use their On Demand feature so I can pick and choose which program and videos I want to do.  

Working out with two kids is hard.  I know some day that it will be easier, so I'm reminding myself of that often and just doing the best I can!  I am glad I have fun, effective workouts to do when I can fit them in!  I'm excited to do the next five weeks of T25!

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