. . . for Lauren and Lauren: 8 months

November 21, 2016

8 months

Dear Isaac -

Eight months old and I barely made this letter happen before you turn nine months!  Time is going too quickly and I can't believe your first birthday is not too far away.  You have changed so much this month.  Crawling, pulling up, making sounds.  You are becoming such a big boy! 

You love eating food, even though I don't think you swallow much.  You will not let me feed you with a spoon so I think we're done with baby food! I try giving up mostly what we eat in smaller pieces.  You love sucking on strips of toast with hummus, avocados, potatoes and bananas.  I need to get better at giving you more foods to try.  Thank goodness for Molly since most of it ends up on the floor.  

Your sleep?  Still stinks and I am tired.  We've started to have a few naps here and there where you sleep an hour or so, so let's hope those continue! Most times you fall asleep after I nurse you during the night, but sometimes you still cry.  We need to figure out something soon, but your cry is just the saddest thing I keep not doing it! Thankfully most nights you go down at bedtime awake and fall asleep with only a few minutes or none of crying.  You often fall asleep when we walk and I wear you in the Ergo. I'm so glad you still like it there and so happy the weather has been nice that we can walk most days. 

Addi makes you so happy.  When we go get her from her nap you get so excited and just laugh and stand at her crib.  You follow her around and love when she plays with you.  It makes me happy! I can't wait until you guys can play together more.  

You still are not a fan of the car and often cry when we drive, especially when it is dark. You do not like your diaper changes or clothes changed and sometimes it takes a lot of effort to hold you down. You get mad when you can't eat what Addi is eating.  Otherwise you are rarely unhappy.  It is easy to make you laugh.  You love being thrown in the air, playing peek-a-boo and standing at the window. I think you're starting to make a chicken sound when we go feed them everyday.  You get so excited when we go outside.  

You love giving kisses.  They are slobbery and gross and I love them.  You get really excited and aggressive and grab my cheeks and find my mouth.  It's adorable.  When you get excited or when you hear music you back your head back and forth so head.  One time you threw your head so far back, then forward you banged your head on our ottoman so hard! As you've learned to pull up and move you have fallen over quite a bit more and sometimes cry quite a bit when you do.  I'm sure there are lots more accidents in our future! 

The weather has been so nice this month so we've still been outside a lot.  I'm so glad we can go on walks still and will be sad once it's too cold for you.  I can't wait to celebrate all the holidays as a family of four!  

You are just the happiest, smiliest little man and we couldn't love you more.  


your mama 

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Laura Darling said... Best Blogger TipsBest Blogger Templates

He is so cute! Looking so much like Addi these days!

J and A said... Best Blogger TipsBest Blogger Templates

Oh my gosh he's cute!! I hope the sleep gets better for you. I have realized looking tired is just my new look. :)

Kayla MKOY said... Best Blogger TipsBest Blogger Templates

Oh my word he's getting so big! Such a cutie!!! :) I love that he loves his sister so much!