. . . for Lauren and Lauren: Baby in a pumpkin

November 1, 2016

Baby in a pumpkin

I was so excited to put Isaac in a pumpkin this Fall.  Unfortunately he wasn't as nearly as excited. When Addi was 3 months old and 15 months old I put her in a pumpkin, and completely failed at trying to do it last year.  I certainly gave it a good shot.  Perhaps two and half is a little two old. Good thing I have another baby this year! 

Poor Isaac.  Wanted nothing to do with it, and usually so easy to get a smile out of, was not having it. He wanted to eat it at first, and then just wanted out.  I tried again later and got some tiny smiles, but did not last long! 

 I'm pretty sure Isaac is close in size to Addi at 8 months, as she was at 15 months.  We also probably should've found a bigger pumpkin this year.  Next year, right?

Hope you all had a fun Halloween! Lots of cute pictures to share and can't wait to see everyone else's!
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