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November 22, 2016

I may have . . . . .

tee: shein

I may have worn this top three times in the last two weeks.  It's the perfect length for leggings and perfect with vests.  

I may have bought a large amount of new Christmas stuff for our house.  Thankfully all from Target and Walmart and not too expensive, but I probably should stay off the computer after the kids go to bed.  There are so many cute things I want to buy! 

I may have used to be a total scrooge and wouldn't decorate or listen to Christmas music until after Thanksgiving.  But now? Minus the tree we'll cut down and decorate Friday, we are all decorated for Christmas and been listening to Christmas music well over a week.  And it makes me ridiculously happy.  

I may have already got our Christmas cards and I love them.  Now let's hope it doesn't take me weeks to get them addressed and mailed out.  

I may just be a little nervous about running the 5K Turkey Trot on Thursday.  I walk often with the kids, but it has been way too long since I've gone for a real run.  

I may be more excited for the day after Thanksgiving than Thanksgiving itself because we get our tree and it's my favorite day of the whole year.  

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