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September 10, 2017

18 months of Isaac

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Dear Isaac - 

18 months old! Happy half birthday sweet boy.  Every week you are more and more this little boy and less and less a baby.  You are still so tiny and sometimes I think I expect you to not be able to do certain things or say certain things because you seem so little, but you are talking more and more and acting much more like a toddler these days.

You love your sister.  You call her "Adda" and say  her name all the time.  She started preschool a few weeks ago and the first two days you cried and cried when she walked into her room.  You asked for her every few minutes and were so excited to go pick her up.  You like to be playing with whatever she is doing and think you can do anything she can do.  For as much as you love her, you pull her hair all the time.  You think it's hilarious and I don't even know what to do!

You still don't love the car, but it's finally getting better.  You'll laugh at Addi, sing songs, blow bubbles with your lips and like when I play music.  You also don't love sitting in your highchair. You'd much rather stand in a chair and try to look like a big kid.  It will be quite awhile until you can actually sit in a chair - you are so so tiny.

You love animals.  Especially Molly.  You call her everywhere, tell her to lay down, lay on her stomach in this perfect little nook for you and roll all over her.  Feed her your food, hug her and ask for her whenever she's not right by us.  We say goodnight to her a million times before naps and bedtime and you get so excited to see her in the morning.  You also love the goats and chickens, and love any dogs we see anywhere.

You are obsessed with lawn mowers and tractors.  You like to look at books and pictures of lawn mowers, and love when daddy takes you for rides on his.  You also love his ATV and would tide around that all day if you could.  You love playing in my car and pretend to drive and climb back and forth between the seats.

You are talking more and more these days.  Your favorite phrase is "What that mama" or "Who that mama."  You say please mama and one more all the time.  You can say most of our family's name, although you don't have a name for yourself.  You also think it's hilarious to say "you grandma" when I ask you who someone is.  And then you laugh and laugh.  You also laugh so hard when I tickle you and say "more, more."  You could spend forever being chased around our couch and I love watching your tiny self fall over because you are so excited and laughing so hard.

You like to wake up at 5:30, which of course I am not a fan of!  But I am thankful you go to bed so easily and are usually asleep by 7:15.  You sleep with your two puppies in your sleepsack and always with your sound machine.  I'm starting to lose hope that you'll nap longer than an hour ever.  Please do!

It takes you a long time to warm up in any new situation or any situation with lots of people.  You usually spend the first 30 minutes or so wanting to be held and whiny and pointing to the car or wherever.  But once you are comfortable you're happy to play and maybe step five feet away from me. ;)

You're still this tiny little thing.  You weighed 20 pounds and 14 ounces and are 31 inches tall. Both in the 20th percentile.  You're mostly in twelve month clothes and I'd guess you're legs will still fit in some of your pants from last Winter!

You are just so adorable.  I still look at you and can't believe you are ours.  I love you so much sweet boy!


your mama


Kelly said... Best Blogger TipsBest Blogger Templates

He's so cute and I hope you start a "what Issac says" like you do with Addi!

xx Kelly
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