. . . for Lauren and Lauren: FIVE

September 4, 2017


pants: c/o shein

ONE.  We've had a few cooler days this last week and it has made me so happy.  I can't even wait for Fall weather.  And for sweatpants.  I just got these in the mail and they are so soft and comfy.  The other week I found a similar pair online at Old Navy but had just ordered things that day and was so bummed I missed them.  Then I found these and I love them!  

TWO.  Last week we had a full week of preschool and Addilyn did great each day. I almost don't want to write it because I'm afraid to jinx it or something.  But clearly it doesn't work like that. ;) I'm so proud of her. 

THREE.  While Addi is at school, I'm enjoying my time with just Isaac.  I'm excited to get into a routine together and want to find some kind of story time or class for us and looking forward to lots of time together!

FOUR.  Our friends little guy turned one and we went to his party this weekend.  His sister and Addi play so well together and are the cutest together.  We're going away with them this weekend and staying at a house in Wisconsin and I know they will have so much fun! 

FIVE.  I shared just a little on Instagram and will hopefully have a happy update at the end of next week, but we had quite the scary week with Molly.  After a few days of vet appointments and emergency vet visits for some awful symptoms, they found a huge mass in Molly's colon and were pretty sure it was cancerous.  Thankfully after a procedure, removing a large part of it, the vet thinks there is a good chance it isn't but we won't know until Thursday.  I was a total mess those few days and can't even think about our life without Molly.  I'm praying we have a few years at the least with her, and that we have good news soon.  We'd love any prayers for our Molly girl!

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