. . . for Lauren and Lauren: Wisconsin weekend

September 27, 2017

Wisconsin weekend

A few weekends ago we got to go away for a long weekend with good friends of ours.  We rented a house in Wisconsin and it was so much fun.  It was a perfect mix of doing fun things, and having slow moments (as much as possible with five little kids!) and we all had such a great time. 
Isaac woke up extra early one morning (even for him) and was so crabby and tired before we even ate breakfast.  So I took him for a walk and he fell asleep and it was so pretty outside. I was kind of crabby before that and this definitely put me in a better mood!
 I had never been paddleboarding before, but our friends borrowed a friend's boards and it was so much fun.  Michelle and I went out both afternoons and we loved it.  Then we took our girls out. I love that I get to do things like this with Addilyn and it makes me excited for more vacations and experiences together.  The whole time she kept doing this little giddy, nervous laugh that I used to hear all the time but only comes out once in awhile.  It makes me so happy. She wanted to stand up and has such great balance she managed to stay standing while we moved for awhile.  She was very proud of herself!
 Warming up with hot chocolate after their paddleboarding. 

Our friends have a fishing boat so we took it on a ride to this restaurant.  It was super fun on the way there.  The kids were happy and everyone loved it.  The way back? Not quite so much as it was a long ride, so we decided to go fast and it meant I hide under a blanket holding onto the three older kids because it was so insanely windy.  But good memories anyway! 
 Rock painting one afternoon. 
 Both mornings we went on a "nature walk" and the kids collected all kinds of things.  The weather was so cool and it was beautiful out! 
The girls "riding" the ATV.  Chris took them on lots of rides and of course they loved it. 
One the way home we stopped at Paul Bunyan's for breakfast.  Chris used to go there all the time as a kid, so he loved it.  We had such a great weekend away.  I'm slowly becoming better at vacations, I mean "trips."  We're definitely planning on repeating this trip next year! 

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