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June 4, 2014

Not another mile

I forgot how there are so many lessons you can learn through running.  I think the last ten months I've been so caught up in my new role as a mom and really as not much else, that I've forgotten that there are things to learn and realizations that can come from something other than motherhood.  

My official marathon training doesn't start until next week but the first long run is six miles, and my very out of shape self has been trying to work up to be ready for that.  When I did the marathon two other times I was already in decent shape and the six miles to start didn't seem so daunting.  In the past few weeks I've done five miles twice and it's been pretty hard.  

But to be honest each run has been pretty hard.  I remember running three miles, or even eight during the training before and it feeling relatively easy.  I know I am only at the start but each run has been a battle already. Physically and mentally.  I've said before that I think running a marathon is just as much, if not more of a mental challenge than it is a physical one.  I think this time the balance between the physical challenge and mental challenge will be much more equal.  

The thing is though that no matter how many miles I've done, two, three, four or five, it's been hard.  And I feel like I couldn't run another mile.  When I'm done with five I get discouraged thinking there is no way I could do 26.  But I've finished three and felt the exact same way.  I think if I have it set in my head how much I'm going to run, I feel done and exhausted when I get there. 

I think that is so true with things in life too.  Some days feel really hard.  Often I feel like a baby thinking about how I'm exhausted after a day with Addilyn when I know there are so many others with more kids, crazier lives and that I shouldn't feel tired or overwhelmed.  But this is what I know and some days are hard. 

I think often you feel maxed out with whatever circumstances or challenges you've been given.  Being one kid or four kids, two miles or ten.  Which is a testament that God isn't going to give you more than you can handle.  I can't imagine having twins, but I know that if I did I'd figure it out and we would survive just fine.  I also can't imagine if Chris traveled all the time for work but I know again, we would figure it out and would find joy in the circumstances we've been given.  

My personality is always wanting to plan ahead and think about what is coming next.  How will we handle finances if Chris loses more clients?  Or what will I do about work if we aren't making enough money?  How am I possibly going to run 26.2 miles in four and half months?  

I want to have a better mindset of taking life, stress and running as a day by day, run by run process.  Today I am handling what I've been given just fine and I know I can continue to do so.  Just like if I can beat five miles today, even though I'm a sweaty, winded mess, I'll be able to beat 6 miles next week and then 7 the week after.   

Day by day.  Run by run.  

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Denise said... Best Blogger TipsBest Blogger Templates

Amen, one day at a time. One step at a time my friend.

Linnea said... Best Blogger TipsBest Blogger Templates

You can do it!! :)

Kayla MKOY said... Best Blogger TipsBest Blogger Templates

My motto for June is "day by day"! You've got this girlfriend!

Jackie @ Our Nashville Life said... Best Blogger TipsBest Blogger Templates

I struggle with the "can't imagines" of life too. Like I couldn't imagine being a homeowner, being married, having a dog....and it's all stuff I wanted. When the time came for them it just seemed natural.

<3 Jackie

Emily said... Best Blogger TipsBest Blogger Templates

I love this post! Such a great analogy!

Anna D Kart said... Best Blogger TipsBest Blogger Templates

You can do it!
Marathon is a huge deal and I'm sure it takes a long time to train - your body needs to adjust.
I started running myself and it's pretty hard. I started with 2 miles and trust me, first couple of steps were just as hard as the last few. But than it got easier...
I probably will never run 26 miles but even 9 will do!

Happy Medley

The Lady Okie said... Best Blogger TipsBest Blogger Templates

I love this, Katie! It's so true. Just keep going, adding miles, and you'll get there. I can't imagine running 26 miles either, if that makes you feel better :)

two birds said... Best Blogger TipsBest Blogger Templates

Great post! You can do it! You just have to take it mile by mile, day by day!

Agnes Mayer said... Best Blogger TipsBest Blogger Templates

It's so true. It's literally one step at a time. And life is about overcoming obstacles and is constantly testing us.



J and A said... Best Blogger TipsBest Blogger Templates

What a great post. I am so proud of you. You are gonna do so well and just think of the finish line and how you will feel then! You got this friend!!

Laura said... Best Blogger TipsBest Blogger Templates

Loved this. You are so right that we tend to think that whatever we are currently dealing with is really hard, but if we had more on our plate, we could definitely do it with the Lord's help. Great reminder to put it in perspective.

I can't believe you have the motivation to train for a marathon - keep it up girl!! Running will get better the more you do it. I've found that now that I'm a little older it often takes me a few months to get back into a running groove, before runs start to feel good again. You can do it, I know you can!!