. . . for Lauren and Lauren: Three months

June 8, 2016

Three months

3 month update

Sweet baby boy -

You are three months old! I think that's officially baby territory and no more newborn.  You definitely don't look like a new baby anymore.  You are getting bigger and stronger and so alert.  I think you may just be one of the happiest babies.  You smile all the time.  As soon as someone makes eye contact with you, you give them the biggest grin.  You've started laughing and it is the best thing ever. The other weekend your dad officiated a wedding and you and I stood in the back.  You were almost asleep and I was rocking you and starting bouncing.  Every time I bounced you would laugh.  Like a full belly laugh.  It was the sweetest thing and made me so happy! 

We don't have a set schedule really.  You nurse anywhere between two and three hours throughout the day.  Night time is still random.  Sometimes you go five hours, sometimes three.  Very unpredictable. We try most nights to put you down asleep anywhere between 7-8ish, but most times you wake up soon after and we end up holding you on the couch sleeping until I go to bed.  You usually take a morning nap in the rock n play or your crib that lasts a half hour on the dot.  I usually hold you for a nap during Addilyn's nap and you often sleep two hours.  I love it.  The rest of naps or either in the wrap or car as we're usually doing something.  

Nursing has gotten easier, which is so nice.  You still spit up quite a bit, but don't seem to mind.  We just change your clothes a lot!  

You've found your hands and love to suck on your fist.  I hope you find your thumb soon because I'm sure it'd help soothe you.  You like a pacifier sometimes, but it never stays in very long.  I wonder if it's because of your tongue tie.  Hopefully you'll find your fingers or thumb soon! Maybe that'll help you sleep?? ;) 

You are just so happy.  The only time you cry is in the carseat which just started the last week, so I'm hoping it's a short phase.  You get so worked up and it takes awhile to calm you once I take you out of your seat.  I'm hoping you change your mind very soon as I hate to hear you cry! 

We've left you with Grandma and Grandpa a few times while we've gone to a quick dinner.  I've left you with daddy a few times too.  You've taken a bottle a handful of times, but drink it very very slowly! We'll have to keep practicing! 

I think you look a lot like your sister.  More like she does now than when she was a baby.  You have beautiful big eyes that I think will be brown.  They seem to change color some and I thought maybe they'd be hazel like mine, but are looking more brown these days!  You fit into some 0-3 month clothes, and are already outgrowing some 3 month things.  You have a long torso and short little legs, just like the rest of your family.  

You've started talking a ton and I love hearing all your noises!  You coo and grunt and love "talking." Often Addi will look at me all proud and say, "Mama, he said his first word!"  It's pretty cute. 

You love your sister and smile at her all day long!  She loves you so much and tells you that all the time.  I love watching the two of you and can't wait to see you love each other even more!  Everyone always comments how happy you are, and it's true.  We are so so lucky and you make us so happy! 

Happy 3 months sweet boy!


your mom 

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