. . . for Lauren and Lauren: On feeling like a dud on family vacation

June 29, 2016

On feeling like a dud on family vacation

Don't they look thrilled? 

Our vacation really was great.  All these pictures capture so many fun and happy moments. But let's be honest. Vacation with kids is not quite relaxing.  And there were definitely some things that made this trip hard.  

Last year on our trip I was almost two months pregnant, super nauseous, Chris was only able to stay for half the week and Addi had a hard time letting anyone do anything for her but myself.  I went to bed early every night, was tired, and felt like a total dud.  I remember thinking that next year will be so much better.  While I didn't feel nauseous and did have more fun, I still felt like a dud. 

We were all sleeping in one room so Isaac would be ready to be asleep by 7/7:30, but Addilyn not asleep until at least 8 so I'd hold Isaac outside the room until Addi was out and then sneak in to lay him down.  Many nights he'd wake up within an hour if not sooner so I'd rush in to not wake Addi up. He never stayed asleep for more than three hours ever, maybe not even two that week and I was exhausted.  I felt like I spent a good amount of evenings rocking him or nursing him downstairs. I had to work hard to not feel crabby during the day because I felt so tired! 

Leaving to go to a winery with the girls felt like it took planning as to when I'd nurse him, when someone would need to sleep.  It just felt hard.  And tiring.  

This season of parenting is hard.  Nursing a baby so often, not being able to have him out in the sun too long, getting such little sleep, not having our normal routine.  It takes an embarrassing amount of work for me to relax and not stress about travel, routines, vacations.  Heck, I wasn't even a good traveler before kids.  

I'm thankful for all these pictures to remind me that although it was hard and tiring, it was fun and worth it to go.  And to remember that this is a season.  That traveling and activities and vacations will get easier and to keep doing it even though it's a lot of work because it's still worth it.  

And next year I hope to be a slightly less dud.  I'm hopeful.  ;) 

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