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July 5, 2016

Four months of Isaac

Dear Isaac, 

You smile at just about everyone.  If someone makes eye contact with you, you smile.  You are such a happy little guy! You've belly laughed quite a few times.  Your big sister can make you laugh and you love watching her.  

For such a happy baby you sure HATE your carseat.  I thought Addi went through a phase of hating the car, but this is so much worse.  You scream so loud and hard, that your voice will go hoarse. We got stuck in traffic last week and you screamed for 45 minutes straight.  I cried and Addi kept saying every five minutes "Mama, he's crying" as if I didn't know.   I hate it and sure hope it ends soon.  

You are the king of the 30 minute nap.  On the dot you wake up.  I think once you made it to 35 minutes, but that's it.  You've been harder to get down for naps too and I'm not quite sure what to do with you.  You have to be rocked fully to sleep and I move very slowly to put you down and it doesn't even always work.  I'm hoping by the fall we can get into a routine and get you taking some solid naps. Wishful thinking! 

You've rolled over just a few times from your belly to your back.  Not sure it's even on purpose or just your head getting heavy.  You don't have a huge interest in moving around a lot when you're on the ground.  You kick your feet and move your arms but that's about it.  And it's fine with me!  Stay put as long as possible!

You are getting really good at grabbing things.  Everything goes straight to your month and you "talk" and make all kinds of sounds.  You love having your fingers in your mouth and your fist. I wish you could just figure out how to suck your thumb or some combination of fingers to soothe yourself because you stopped wanting a paci at all.  I still try every once in awhile but should probably just give up!  Your favorite way to be held is facing out, kicking your legs and smiling.   You still love looking at ceiling fans and lights, and your favorite place to hang out is the bouncy seat (besides being held).  

You are content most of the day.  Happy to move from one thing to the next around the house. I can often do a 20 minute workout video and you just watch me or play with a toy.  I could never do this with your sister.  Guess it makes up for your mini naps?  

You're swaddled still most of the time for sleep. Sometimes when you sleep in the rock n play I leave an arm or two out and sometimes when you wake up in the night you have one arm out.  Not sure if that is what wakes you up or not, but your arms are still super flaily.  Hurry up and figure that out! ;) 

Speaking of sleep, this month you got a bad cold and it made sleep pretty rough.  You were up a ton at night and many nights I ended up with you just sleeping next to me.  This last week you've done a little better but are still up at least twice and sometimes even a few times very soon after we put you down for the night.  Most of the time you are in the rock n play, which I think we need to get you out of that soon, but it's definitely helped with your cough and stuffiness for sleep.  You cough quite a bit and we started you on acid reflux medicine right at your four month appointment.  A week in and you're spitting up less, but still coughing.  I really hope it helps so we aren't back at the doctor looking for answers as to what is causing you to have a cough for such a long time!

You went on your first vacation this month.  We went with my family to Galena for the week.  You did great in the car (a miracle!) and were wonderful the whole trip.  Minus the nights.  You were easy going, slept in the wrap or ergo and happy to watch all your cousins and family.  You had your first time in the pool and weren't quite sure what to think.  You were up a ton during the nights.  I ended up with you next to me most nights and felt quite exhausted.  Your cute content self made it much easier on me during the days!  

Isaac Jordan you are just so loved by everyone.  You make me so happy and I can't believe how quickly time is going.  I can't imagine our family without you! 


your mama 

Addi and Isaac:

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