. . . for Lauren and Lauren: Our 4th

July 6, 2016

Our 4th

We had a really great weekend. I think I always thought that the baby stage would be my favorite, but I'm pretty sure Addilyn's stage and the next few years may be.  I love that she can get excited about things and we can do such fun stuff with her.  And of course Isaac gets to come along now too. :)  

I was nervous about the fireworks, as my very non flexible self didn't know how Addi would handle a super late bedtime, or how Isaac would do with all the loud noises and being out that late too.  But I am so glad we went.  Addi kept shouting out the colors of the fireworks and yelling "Boom!" and then asked Chris "Oh no the sky is on fire! Daddy are you crying?"  Isaac kept flailing his arms and oohing and talking to the fireworks.  It was so cute.  Both kids did great and Isaac actually slept longer than he has ever when we got home.  So maybe we should do that every weekend? 

I can't even handle his sweet face!
Waiting for the parade.

We spent one evening with Chris' parents, eating dinner on their deck and just hanging out.  Another evening at my sisters with our families.  We walked to the parade from my sister's house and had donuts before.  I took two naps with Isaac while Addi slept, and we had some good family time at home too.  It was really nice and I wish every weekend was like that!  

Hope you had a wonderful 4th too!

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