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July 18, 2016

Addilyn's birthday

We had such a great time celebrating Addilyn last week!  Birthdays sure seem more fun the older she gets and the more excited she is.  When we'd ask her what she'd want for her birthday she kept saying "a fake hotdog."  Not sure why she said it the first time, but after our reaction she said it over and over.  She didn't get her fake hot dog, but lots of fun things! 

waiting for her friends

This year and last year on her actual birthday we invited her friends to a park and I brought lots of donuts and the kids sang and then just played.  It's been such a simple and easy way to celebrate. I wish I could have gotten a picture of all her friends, but it was probably for the better that we didn't even attempt it! 

For Addilyn's first birthday we threw a big party.  Dinner, cupcakes, presents, lots of family and friends.  It was a big deal.  And I loved planning for it, but it was exhausting and took a lot of time. And really more for Chris and I than her at that point!  Her second birthday and this one we have just done dessert and presents with our families and it has been perfect.  Low key, simple and still lots of celebrating our sweet girl!  

polka dot birthday party

Saturday our family came over for cupcakes and ice cream and presents.  It was perfect!  Addilyn better love polka dots because I've used the same decorations, minus a few things, for her parties each year.  (I better choose wisely for Isaac's first birthday, right?)  Happy birthday singing here!

I had made this wreath for her first birthday and now it's a tradition to hang in the first of July each year to celebrate her birthday month.  So fun to get a picture of her by it each year.  
Ending the night with birthday girl kisses!

And two more comparison pictures . . . . 

Time goes by so quickly! So thankful for a great birthday for our Addi girl!

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Ashley said... Best Blogger TipsBest Blogger Templates

I'm in love with her peach headband!!! Beautiful!! She is soo stinkin cute!! Looks like a perfect party!!!

Foxy's Domestic Side said... Best Blogger TipsBest Blogger Templates

Awww, this is so sweet! I can't believe she is 3! I feel like you were just pregnant with her! :) When I first started reading your blog.

Kelly said... Best Blogger TipsBest Blogger Templates

Aww, Happy Birthday Addi!

xx Kelly
Sparkles and Shoes

Susannah said... Best Blogger TipsBest Blogger Templates

She is so big!!!!!!! <3 I can't believe you didn't get her a fake hot dog, though. She asked for one thing! ;-)