. . . for Lauren and Lauren: Look who is three!!!

July 13, 2016

Look who is three!!!

I can't believe you are turning three!! You are sweet, funny, stubborn, independent in ways and needy in other, petite, beautiful, expressive, coordinated, sensitive and we couldn't love you more.  Here are some things I want to remember about you at age three . . . . 

You like to tell me (or whoever is playing with you) exactly what to say to you.  "Now say, What kind of show is this?" or "Where is Addi?" or "Just call me super Addi."  

You love narrating thing.  I might be able to thank you tube for that, so at least there is one good thing from that.  It's pretty cute.  Your play dough playing, food, anything.  You'll narrate what you are doing or what is happening.  

You have such a great vocabulary.  You love using words like literally, definitely, and though. Thrown in lots of sentences.  You say the funniest things.  You are so so smart and have the best memory. You know at least seven Bible verse and if I say the first two words, you'll finish the rest.  You've known your colors forever, can recognize many letters and can tell anyone what street you, both Grandmas and your cousins live on.  You rarely forget anything, which is good but also doesn't work to my advantage sometimes! 

You've gotten so much better at letting others help you and spending time with them and not just your mama!  I think Isaac has a lot to thank for that, but probably just getting older too.  You still have rough weeks with Sunday school but have gotten a lot better.  You love playing with Peter, Ella and Ellie and it helps we see them during the week and I love that you have good friends at church! I feel a little nervous for preschool next year as it will be a big step for us both, but know it will be so good for you.  

You may be the most expressive toddler there was.  You don't say mean things with words, but your face sure says a lot!  You make the funniest faces, the judgiest faces and the sweetest ones too.  Your expressions are the best.  

You've gotten a little tougher, but you are still kind of a baby when it comes to getting hurt. Hopefully you'll keep toughening up! 

You love water and are the best little swimmer.  You had a blast on our vacation and never wanted to leave the pool!  
You have a major sweet tooth and would eat candy all day long if you could.  You also love fruit, cheese and yogurt.  You'll try just about any food, but never eat a lot of anything at a time.  Except candy.  I'm not sure you'd never stop eating that.  

When we're in a new place or even a familiar one with lots of people you almost always grab my leg and say "I love you mama."  That is how I know you are a little nervous.  One of the many ways you are like me.  You get a little overwhelmed with bigger crowds, but you have done so much better the last many months.  You used to ask to leave parties or groups of people to go home after an hour.  Many times now you are very unhappy when it's time to go home.  

You have such a great imagination.  You love playing with my little ponies, play-dough, your water table, legos, your kitchen and your tea set.  You are usually happy outside and love playing on our play set, collecting rocks, and running around.  

You can get pretty emotional and whiny and we certainly have our rougher days, but you really are normally happy and well behaved.  Let's hope it stays that way for year three!? 

You've been potty trained for almost two months.  You've been ready for a long time, but when I was pregnant and sick I just didn't have it in me!  I also wanted to wait until after Isaac was here.  You did awesome at the beginning, then had a rough week or so and were back to doing great.  I love not having to change your diaper!  Now if we only could get rid of that pacifier! 

You'd probably say your favorite two friends are Lena and Aaliyah.  You LOVE playing with both of them and think they are just the best thing ever.  You talk to other people about them, run up and hug them whenever you see them and ask me all the time when you will play with them next.  You love all your cousins and we are so lucky to live by them and see them all often.  

You are such a great big sister.  I was worried about how you'd handle adding Isaac to our family and you have done great.  You kiss him, hug him and tell him you love him all the time.  When you've been sick or just cranky it's been hard for us both that I can't hold you or sit on the couch with you. I miss those days!  I'm excited for when he can start playing with you, and can't wait to watch you both grow up together.  

For not being a good sleeper as a baby you have made up for it.  Minus some rough bedtimes here and there (with a million stalling questions and requests) you go to bed pretty easily, usually around 7:45/8:00.  You go through phases of when you wake up but it's usually between 6 and 7.  And you take awesome naps!  You often sleep over two hours and many days I wake up you so bedtime isn't late or hard. You are still in your crib and I don't ever want you out!  Thank you for being such a great sleeper now!

Three years ago you made me a mother and I can't imagine a better job.  I will forever look at you and be reminded of what an answer to prayer you were and are.  You are a reminder to me of God's faithfulness and that struggles and trials can end with the greatest blessings.  You are the best thing in the world Addilyn Jane and I couldn't love you more!  

Happy birthday sweet girl!

And I'm sure I'll watch this every year on your birthday over and over and can't not cry.
We love you so much!

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