. . . for Lauren and Lauren: Thank you youtube

April 28, 2016

Thank you youtube

tunic: c/o shein

You know those ridiculous youtube videos that somehow manage to capture a two year old's attention for 20 minutes, even though you can't get them to listen to you for one?  Sometimes I regret downloading the youtube kids app because I feel like it just may be turning Addilyn's brain into mush, one candy apparatus tutorial at a time.  But then other times I sing it's sweet praises when she watches it for twenty minutes while I hold a sleeping baby, or take a shower or do a workout video. I'm going to lean more towards singing it's praises these days.  

Except for the time when we went to my parent's church for an Easter egg hunt and they had a little story time beforehand and used these Resurrection eggs to tell the story of why we celebrate Easter. Two eggs in and Addi looks at me and louding says, "Mama, it's just like youtube!" 

Yep.  Just like youtube.  Mom win.  

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