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December 19, 2016

Ben the Rooster

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She may or may not be picking her nose in this one.  I'm not sure.  Toddlers are impossible.
I've been meaning to write this post for a while, as we've been receiving our cards for a few months. But I guess that means I can just tell you that as time goes on, we are still loving them!  Starting in September Addilyn got a new pen pal.  His name is Ben the Rooster and he sends Addilyn two postcards a month.  Each card has a different theme, and asks your little guy or girl a question and idea of what to write back.  The postcards come with a stamp which makes it way easier for me to get it in the mail.  

It's funny because we started getting these as soon as we moved into our new house, and we also got chickens when we moved.  So Ben the Rooster has fit right in and I've told Addi he's writing to the chickens too and checking to make sure we're taking care of them!

Of course Addi can't write and her attention span is quite short, but I still love these as it's fun to get something in the mail, gives us a little activity to do together, and is good practice to have her start writing and drawing more.  She also gets excited when we go and check the mail to see if there is a card for her! 

Ben the Rooster has holiday packages that come with a fun calendar and a six month subscription. If you order today they'd still come in time for Christmas! These would make great gifts for grandkids, cousins, friends, and it is only $4.00 a month.  If you use code HEYBEN you can get 10% off too!  

Thanks for the postcards Ben! We love them!


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