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December 11, 2016

Nine months

Dear Isaac,

Nine months old!  Time just keeps flying by and soon you are going to be a one year old.  I can't even believe it.  You are still just the happiest little guy and are so much fun.  Your giggle is the best and it is so easy to make you laugh.  You love being "chased," playing peek-a-boo, and being thrown in the air.  When you get excited you throw your head back and rock back and forth. It's pretty funny!

I've given you one little haircut a few months ago and clearly need to do it again.  Your hair has grown passed your ears and long in the back too! I love how much hair you have!

While there are some baby toys you love you get ridiculously excited about these random things. If you see a googly eyes, a sequence game pieces or one of those sticky window clings you go nuts and move so fast to get in.  Then get so sad when I take them away.

You love food and want to eat whatever we are eating.  You love bananas, yogurt, cheese, peas, avocados and those little baby pouches.  I bought some reusable ones and have been filling them with yogurt, sweet potatoes and applesauce, and need to make some more combinations for you! You love cheerios, yogurt melts and those little baby cheeto snacks.

You are starting to be more vocal and even say mama! You don't say it directly to me yet, but I hope that comes soon.  You do call Molly "Mol" and definitely say it to her.  You are in love with her. You climb all over her and hug and kiss her and I think she is your favorite.  Molly is so good with you and it is the sweetest thing.

You can pull up on everything and cruise around our furniture. You can climb over things and move really fast.  You crawl on your hands and knees now, instead of your belly and can go up our stairs.

You got your first tooth this month and your second one is almost through too.  It's so cute! It's hard to imagine your mouth full of teeth! You have the sweetest little dimple when you smile.

You still do not like the car.  You fuss and cry most of the time we are in it and I'll be quite happy when that phase is over.  You also hate having your diaper changed or your clothes changed. You get sad when we go into your room for naps or bedtime and start crying as soon as I put your sleepsack on. I think you hate missing out on anything, especially time when your sister is playing.

Your sleep? You're giving me more eye bags every month, but you are so worth it.  Your kisses and hugs and smiling face makes up for all the sleep deprivation.  I'm not sure there has been a happier baby boy in the world.  

I think you are wonderful and you make me so happy.  Happy 9 months Isaac Jordan.  I love you so so much!


your mama

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