. . . for Lauren and Lauren: Kiko & Max - as if baby booties weren't already cute enough

August 3, 2017

Kiko & Max - as if baby booties weren't already cute enough

We went on vacation last week with my family and I have so many pictures to go through. We had such a great week away!  There was a beach about five minutes away that we went to a few times and all the cousins had so much fun playing in the sand and the waves.  Isaac isn't too thrilled about cold water, but he loved the sand.  Before we left we got this adorable little swim diaper from a friend and Isaac's little self looked too cute in them! 

My friends' neighbor started a cute line called Kiko & Max and I was so excited when she contacted me.  These swim diapers are perfect because they have snap closures on the side for an easy on and off, they are soft and comfortable and the best thing is that you don't need to wear an actual swim diaper.  They hold everything in and can be hand washed and dried.  Swim diapers can be expensive if you use them often so these are a great option!  (You can currently buy them on Amazon prime here: Kiko & Max for only $13.  Isaac is in a size medium and they seem like the right fit (small 11-18 lbs. medium 16-21 lbs & large 21-35 lbs.). Their girl diapers are SO adorable too! Check them out here!)

Kiko & Max currently sells swim diapers, but soon will have a Fall line out with baby outerwear and cute rainwear.  I can't wait to see it!  Follow them on instagram at @kikoandmax for updates and new products!  Their Fall line will be available on Amazon and other department stores too. 

Thank you so much for the adorable swim diapers Paula!  I love them and am glad we have some summer left to wear them! 
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