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September 13, 2015

Uncommon Goods

Definitely one of the biggest perks of blogging is getting to know more about and working with other companies.  I had heard of Uncommon Goods before and had seen a few of their products through other bloggers, so I excited when they contacted me about doing a review of their products. Uncommon Goods was founded in 1999 and works to offer unique, hand crafted products. Like most things I was incredibly indecisive and spent a LONG time on their site, searching through their stuff.  This personalized wall clock and this wall caddy were on my list!  I'm pretty sure I narrowed it down to about six things from their home decor products (check them out here!) that sat in my cart for a few days, until I decided on these two.  

I am so happy with my choices!  I can't tell you how many nail holes are behind these two frames (eight!) because of how many times I've changed out what was up there.  But I think these are there to stay.  Although I'm tempted to moved the bottom one into new baby's room, so maybe that one will just stay for a few more months.  We'll see!  
My favorite thing about these products in that each one comes with a little story about the artist who makes them.  Both of these frames were made by Margaret Taylor.  

The wooden frame came with a not inside of it that said:
                It was a barn for the square dance on Saturday night
                It was the front porch to rock on
                It was the trim that said the hard work paid off . . . 
                The only thing worse than tearing down an old building is not re-using the 
                       wood that created its beauty. 

Isn't that neat?  Both pieces are much sturdier and better quality then I expected.  The frame had this written inside of it and I just love it!  The blue matches our living room perfectly. 

And I LOVE the button magnets on the bottom one.  This print in from my best friends Liz's etsy shop.  I love that it'll be easy to change out, as I have a few of her prints I'll probably want to rotate! 

Check out more of their unique products here! You will love them!

Thank you Uncommon Goods for my new pieces.  I love them!!

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