. . . for Lauren and Lauren: Week 14 and the beginning weeks . . .

September 3, 2015

Week 14 and the beginning weeks . . .

14 week baby bump

Not much different to report this week after last week's post.  Feeling about the same, and anxiously awaiting the second trimester energy to come!  This has been a really busy two weeks with Chris starting a new job, so maybe once he's home a little more I'll feel a little more rested.  Come on three day weekend!!  I love that I wrote updates, letters and took pictures while I was pregnant with Addilyn, and have already been looking back at this as I go through this pregnancy.  I started writing little notes soon after we found out we were pregnant this time around and figured I'd share!  

Week 4 - I knew my period should come while we were in Florida and brought two pregnancy tests just in case.  I took one the day after I expected my period and it was negative but an hour later I looked and saw a faint line.  I took the second one and it was negative for good.  Figured it was an evaporation line but then couldn't stop thinking about it.  Managed to wait three more days to take another one that we went and bought.  Positive with the faintest little line.  We were with Chris' family, but didn't tell anyone yet.  I texted my sister though of course, and my two close girlfriends.  Because the line was faint and we didn't think it could happen on it's own I didn't believe it was true.
the day we found out

Week 5 - The day we got back from Florida I called the dr and they had me come in the next day.  I was worried my hormones levels could be off, since I was on so many hormones before and after I got pregnant with Addilyn.  I went in Tuesday and things look great.  HGC was good and my progesterone was good.  I was thrilled.  They said I could come in in a few days if I wanted, but I said I felt okay.  Three hours later I called after a mini nervous breakdown and asked if I could come in again.  I went back Friday to make sure my numbers were going up as they should.  The nurse said they probably wouldn't call till Monday, but my doctor called me Saturday morning (on the 4th of July) and I was SO thankful.  Good news! 

That next Monday we told our parents and it was so much fun.  

Week 6 - I called the doctor for medicine, as I was already feeling nauseous and throwing up. Unfortunately it didn't seem to help a ton.  Nauseous all day long and throwing up a few times a day. The only things that sounded bearable was carbs.  Bland pasta, bagels, donuts.  Hello baby weight gain!  I have no energy and the second I put Addi down for a nap or bedtime I am down for the count!

Week 7 - We saw our sweet baby on an ultrasound and it was wonderful.  I think like any mom I was feeling really nervous for the appointment.  Not quite as nervous as with Addilyn,but definitely nervous.  When the screen first went on, it looked empty and I could tell Chris was holding his breathe too, as he was holding my hand.  Then the tiny little bean showed up and the flickering heart in the middle and we were thrilled.  Due date March 5th.  We told a few of our close friends this week and can't wait to tell everyone else!

Week 8 & 9 -  Still feeling sick as can be.  Throwing up multiple times a day and carbs all day long. Most days I lay down when Addilyn takes a nap, which I feel very thankful for!  I've spent more time searching for baby room ideas on pinterest and it's feeling a little more real that we are having a baby. Addilyn definitely knows there's a baby in my belly and will kiss my belly and say goodnight to it.  She's also pretty good at mimicking me throwing up.  

Week 10 - When I was pregnant with Addilyn we bought a fetal heart doppler, as it helped ease some of my anxieties.  We tried it this week and heard the baby's heart beat pretty quickly.  We started doing this a few times a week and it is the best sound ever!  My shorts are already tight and there are many that don't fit anymore.  Ready for fall weather so I can just wear leggings and tunics!

baby number 2 announcement

Week 11 & 12 - Still taking medicine and having a few mornings here and there where I feel okay.  I've even had coffee a few times and miss it! I still crave carbs more than anything, but am able to eat a little more normally in the morning.  Afternoons and evenings are still rough!  Definitely have a little belly and am sure people who see me often and don't know I'm pregnant, can start to tell.  Showing way quicker than with Addilyn.  We had our 12 week doctor appointment and Chris, Addilyn and I went.  We heard the heart beat quickly and are so thankful for our sweet baby! We got to share the news on facebook and my blog and it was such a special feeling to know how loved and celebrated this baby already is! 

As always thanks for reading these baby updates and for all your prayers and excitement for baby #2!

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Simply LKJ said... Best Blogger TipsBest Blogger Templates

I so remember praying for sweet Addilyn. Seems like yesterday! Praying again.

Denise said... Best Blogger TipsBest Blogger Templates

praying for you dear.

Ashley said... Best Blogger TipsBest Blogger Templates

Love seeing these posts!! Soo happy for you!!

Tara Illy said... Best Blogger TipsBest Blogger Templates

Many congrats lovely! So excited for you and your growing family!!! xo

Mrs Gray said... Best Blogger TipsBest Blogger Templates

So very exciting! I used a journal called "Expectant Prayers for Expectant Mothers" when I was pregnant, and I loved it. (I found it on Amazon if you want to check it out.)

J and A said... Best Blogger TipsBest Blogger Templates

Oh man I love seeing these posts pop up! SO exciting!! :) I hope you feel better REAL soon!!

Kelley @LoveLikeCrazy said... Best Blogger TipsBest Blogger Templates

Our pregnancies are so similar!! And our first ultrasound was empty too for what seemed like forever. Idk what she was looking at but I was shaking my head and all of a sudden a little gummy bear popped up. So scary!