. . . for Lauren and Lauren: Our weekend

October 24, 2016

Our weekend

This weekend the weather was perfect.  Sunny, cool and the best fall weather.  Chris was out of town, which I hate when he is gone but we still managed to have a good weekend.  I feel so so thankful that we have all of our family close by that hang out with us.  I don't know what I'd do without them.

Saturday we went to my nephew's soccer game.  He is so cute and even though I spend way more time distracting Isaac and watching Addi with my nieces, than actually watching him play, I love going and am so glad we can do those things.

 he is clearly very loved :) 

Saturday evening we went to a friends yearly fall party.  Definitely missed Chris for many reasons, but going to a party by yourself with a clingy, fussy baby and a indecisive busy toddler is exhausting. But I'm glad we went, even if I had to drink my glass of wine in five minutes because I didn't have any free hands.

We went on a walk both days and I just love this weather.  Cool enough for baby hats but not to be worried about being crazy bundled up.  By this age I think I rarely wore Addilyn.  Most days I have Isaac in the Ergo at least once, and I don't know what I'd do without it!

And this morning we made muffins and stayed home.  I think I say this everytime, but I can't imagine doing this parenting thing alone.  Without our families so close and especially without Chris. I'm so thankful he doesn't travel often and always feel proud of myself for surviving and keeping our kids and house together.  Now if only this little sleeping baby here would let me get some solid sleep, I'd be ready for another week! 

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