. . . for Lauren and Lauren: Seven Months

October 11, 2016

Seven Months

Dear Isaac - 

You are seven months old!! You are still the happiest guy.  It is easy to make you smile just about all the time. Things that make you smile the most: peek - a -boo, daddy throwing you on the bed, Addilyn jumping and running around you.  You get so excited when you see Addi in the morning or when we get her up from her nap.  You love when daddy comes home and cry if he doesn't come pick you up right away.  Pops has been using a scooter for his knee and you love the basket on it. You want to sit in it whenever you see it and are so happy standing in it, ringing the bell on it.  You love the music on little toys and lay on your stomach bobbing your head back and forth so hard and fast. It is quite funny.  You love looking out the window.  You're so happy when we hold you and you "stand" by the window.  You'd easily do that for 20 minutes.  You love being outside.  When I stand by the door with you, you lunge yourself forward and want to get out! 

You aren't super vocal, but have started making the mama sound and I love it.  I can't wait till you say it for just me!  Your laugh is just the cutest and one of my favorite sounds.  You are snuggling and so sweet.  You've been giving me some open mouth slobbery kisses and I love it.  

You still don't love the car seat.  Nothing like how it was a few months ago, but you cry whenever we put you in it and are often fussy in the car.  You don't love getting your diaper or clothes changed. You started having a little stranger anxiety and cry sometimes if someone else takes you and I walk away.  But if you don't see me you are totally fine!  

You started sitting up on your own and are happy playing with toys around you.  You still fall over here and there, but are getting much stronger.  You are scooting around and are so close to crawling. 

Your sleep is not good at all and I am so tired!  Some nights nothing I do can get to back to sleep so I've let you cry, and then you'll have some decent nights with two wake ups and you go back down easy after I nurse you, but that's the best it gets!  Other nights I'll nurse you, hold you awhile, have daddy go in and you still end up crying when we put you down. I've tried not going in and letting you cry but it doesn't seem to work for very long, and you're up many times again after a few days.  You put yourself to sleep for naps with little or no crying but rarely sleep longer than 30 minutes.  If Addi is napping, I'll nurse you and hold you for a while to make your nap longer.  I can't wait for you to sleep more and hope it is coming some day in the near future.  I am tired! It's a good thing you are such a happy baby!

You are eating solids and usually eat two times a day.  I've started giving you food we're eating here and there, along with pureed food and there hasn't been anything you haven't liked.  You love bananas, avocados, peaches, pears, carrots and sweet potatoes.  It's so much nicer having you sit at the table with us for meals!

This month we moved into our new house.  We love it!  We have so much space, inside and outside and it's been so fun playing and living here.  We've gone on so many walks on our street, or following Addi around on her bike.  You are going to love it even more once you're walking around and playing outside!

Isaac Jordan - you are just the happiest, cutest boy and I am so thankful you are mine.  I can't believe how fast time is going and feel like you're first birthday will be here before we know it.  I'd love if you slept a little more and you're making my eye bags continue to grow.  But you are so worth it and I couldn't love you more.


your mama

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