. . . for Lauren and Lauren: November 2011

November 30, 2011

Christmas Season

I love this time of year! Thanks to pinterest and crafty blogs, this year more than ever I was excited to decorate for Christmas. Here are a some things around my house:

These were wine bottles that I spray painted, and then used Epsom salt to cover them. Here's the tutorial: Wine bottles

I made this paper flower wreath (putting old college text books to good use!) last summer but added the two red felt flowers for Christmas. I spent WAY too many hours making this wreath so I'm going to find a way to make it fit each season!

Another pinterest find: candles

I just wish there was more time for all the decorations to be up - It is too short!
Merry Christmas and happy decorating!

November 29, 2011

Good Start

I woke up this morning to an email that drastically changed my mood for the better. Nicole over at Three's 4 Me asked me if she could feature me on her blog for Small Business Day. I was so excited! Thank you Nicole - you made me so happy! Definitely the highlight of my day.

I really like this scarf that I got last year from Old Navy, especially because it was one of those crazy deals when I got it for a $1.00 (and I of course bought six of them to give as gifts). However it is shaped like a big square and I see this as the only way to wear it which kind of makes me feel like a cowboy or a bank robber. I guess the fact that is is bright pink and other neon colors probably makes that not true, right?

And here's a picture of my decorated Christmas tree. I LOVE this time of year!

November 28, 2011

Back to Work

As much as I love my job, going back to work after a holiday break is so hard! I get really sad when things that I greatly look forward to (like Thanksgiving week) are over and that we have to wait a whole year for it to come again. Good thing Christmas break is only three weeks away!

I may be one of the cheaper people you could ever meet, especially when it comes to finding and buying cheap clothes. I bought this jacket about a year ago from Target, for about $7. I debated about it for awhile, thinking it was a little too "motorcycle-ish" for me. The more I wear it the more I like it and am now I am very happy with my purchase!

November 26, 2011

Favorite Day of the Year

Yesterday my family went to cut down our Christmas trees. I think it is my favorite day of the year. It might even beat Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve and Christmas. We always go to the same place. Eat their delicious homemade donuts, drink hot chocolate and find our trees. Then we spend the evening decorating the tree, eating deep dish Chicago pizza and watching a Christmas movie. I LOVE everything about it!

Here's my sweet nephew who is now old enough to love the experience too!
Looking for trees with my husband
My family on the tractor to go get our tree
We found our perfect tree!
Me, my future sister in law Lauren, and my sister Lauren with her daughter
Happy tree decorating!!

November 25, 2011


My sister and her family are in for the week which means I get the use the cutest baby model to show off my new headband from my etsy shop. Isn't she adorable?

Happy day after Thanksgiving! We're off to go cut down our Christmas tree!

November 23, 2011


Last year Chris came up with one of my favorite ideas ever. He took a piece of brown butcher paper and taped it to the ledge right by our stairs and wrote Thanksgiving 2010 so throughout the month of November we could write things we were thankful for. We did it again this year too. I plan on saving all of them and making them into a book or something so we can look back to see all the ways God has blessed us in those years. There are SO many things I am thankful for and this is a great reminder. I can't wait to continue this tradition yearly, especially once we have kids that can participate too!

November 20, 2011

Reformed Scrooge

I used to be a total Christmas scrooge when it came to celebrating Christmas before Thanksgiving and even the week or so after. Now I can't wait to listen to Christmas music in the car and start decorating my house. Last week I put up my first Christmas decoration and plan on finishing them this week. I found this idea on Pinterest, of course. I hot glued pine cones to ribbon and then tied them to another strand of ribbon that I hung under my curtains, and then added some bows. I love it!

Happy Christmas decorating!

November 17, 2011


Writing and saying the word booties seems like I should only be referring to baby shoes but I think that it the appropriate term for them. I bought these booties at Old Navy a few weeks ago. I had seen so many different pictures of them looking adorable with tights, but was a little nervous to wear them. I finally did yesterday and I love them. My $12 purchase will definitely be worth it!

November 15, 2011

I do own pants

Some proof that once in awhile I wear something other than boots and leggings, although so much less comfortable. Well I should admit that these pants are probably made out of the same material as pajamas so it was really just the shoes that are not so comfortable.

New headband making technique! I need to make some to add to my etsy shop!

November 14, 2011

Over the Weekend

This Saturday I woke up and started using my sewing machine. I have so many ideas and projects I've been wanting to make and now I can. Too bad I don't have enough time! First I made a strap for my camera. First time = failed. I made it far to narrow to fit on the strap. Second time = success. Except that I didn't think of Chris as I was making it and he later informed me he will no longer be taking my camera on his own.

I also made this Christmas pillow. This is the first project where I've had to turn the fabric as I go. It looks good until you look up close.

Thanks to my sister Lauren I have this awesome handmade scarf that I can't wait to wear at least once a week! I got so many compliments on it. I think you should sell them Lauren!!

November 11, 2011

Do I own any other shoes than boots?

You may be asking yourself that questions as every outfit I've posted, I am wearing boots. And the pictures from the last two days are no different. I do own other shoes but (1.) My winter shoes are packed in a box that I still haven't unpacked (well besides the boots). (2.) My favorite thing about Fall clothing is boots and therefore I think I may still wear them everyday.

Happy Friday!

November 8, 2011

Daylight Burning Time

I don't know what it's technically called when we turn our clocks back and when I googled it I found someone wrote Daylight Burning Time and I think that's accurate. So I finally figured out a good place to take a picture with my camera outside just in time to turn our clocks back, which means it's too dark in the morning and dark when I get home. My days of taking an outside picture were very short lived.

November 6, 2011

Baby Shower

I've wanted a polka - dot dress for awhile and found one at Old Navy on Friday. And it was less than $10! I wore it to a baby shower yesterday. I think Fall weather is my favorite because I could live in leggings, dresses and boots.

Thanks to Pinterest I feel as though I should make creative gifts for all events I go to now. I made this "stork" with baby clothes and wash cloths in it, with shoes and a headband on the side. My friend Christine was at the shower too, and she made her onsies into a cupcake that she also found on Pinterest. Someone asked her if she came up with it on her own and she said no - she found it online. I think I'm going to start claiming ideas as my own because it is much more impressive!