. . . for Lauren and Lauren: May 2012

May 31, 2012

High Five for Friday

cardigan: old navy  jeans: kohls  shoes: target  necklace: present from Chris 

1. A few years ago Chris got me this necklace for Christmas.  I had mentioned that I wanted a necklace with my initials engraved in it, and this actually was not what I had in mind. 
But now I am so glad he got me what he did. 
 I love it and love it more that he picked it out himself. 

2.  I made my parent volunteers  birthday cake popcorn and sent them home this week: 

I've had to make many desserts this last week to bring to different things, and three of them have had funfetti cake mix in it. 

3.  Have you seen this video? 
Chris shows me videos often and tells me before that I'm about to watch the funniest thing I've ever seen.  Usually I disagree, but I love this one!


Looks like Molly and I have a lot of work to do this summer. 
Watch out.  

4. I had some more sock monkeys orders last week: 
I love etsy but have done many more custom orders than online. 
Sometimes I think word of mouth is the way to go. 

5.  Two weekends ago this is what our Friday night looked like and it was the best thing ever.
I look forward to many more evenings just like it.

I have three days left of school and am SO ready for summer!

Happy weekend!

May 29, 2012

Happy List

shirt: Rue 21  skirt & shoes: target

Today I'm working on rejoicing in the little things that can easily improve my day, like . . .

wearing a $3 shirt like this one

an iced coffee

a handful (or two or three) of jellybeans

an episode of the bachlorette

watermelon on a hot day

a random text from a friend

a funny story about my nephew

yogurt covered raisins

a good sweaty run

finishing a craft project

face time with my sister, niece and nephew

What little things are making you happy today?

May 28, 2012

Birthday Girl

dress & scarf: old navy  shoes: target

Wearing leopard flats and a polka dot scarf is about as far as I've come with the whole pattern mixing trend.  I have a long way to go but you have to start somewhere, right?  

May is a full month of important dates and celebrating for us!
Friday was my niece's first birthday.   

Lena Jane -

You are the sweetest, cutest, happiest, most precious little girl I know.  I feel honored that we share a middle name, and get beyond excited when people tell me you look like me.  I can't wait to be the aunt that you can call to tell your secrets to and hopefully that I can give you advice.  I look forward to shopping trips, sleepovers and celebrating you and all the things you will accomplish.  You are more loved than any little girl I know and I am proud to be your aunt. 

Happy first birthday! I wish you didn't live so far away so I could celebrate you in person. 

I love you!  


May 24, 2012

High Five for Friday

shirt: ?   maxi dress: old navy  sandals: target

1.   I bought this shirt years ago and haven't worn it forever.  Thanks to seeing shirts tied over dresses and skirts, I will now wear it again.

2.  Does anyone know how I can watch Giuliani and Bill online? for free?
I've seen the first few seasons, but badly want to watch the rest. 
I don't have cable and can only find it to buy on itunes and I don't want to pay $25 for each season.  Help!

3.  I plan on making these two desserts this weekend and am pretty excited about eating them.

mini deep dish fruit pizzas

sugar cookie fudge

4.  With a week a half of school left to go the kids (and myself) are getting pretty antsy.
Letters like this make it easier:

5.  I would pay someone to come teach my students long division.
Today it was pure torture for about 50 minutes for myself.  and probably them too. 

Yeah for a long weekend!!

May 22, 2012

Copy Cat

dress: target   vest: old navy  shoes: kohls

I've had this vest for awhile but rarely wear it, 
because I have a hard time feeling like it is flattering.  

I've been looking for some vest inspiration and finally found two to copy.  

I'm happy to find a new way to wear it, since when I bought it I thought it would be something I could only wear in the Fall or Winter.   

Thank goodness for pinterest, right? 

i own this vest - should wear it like this!   vest/dress
                                                                        source                                              source

FrillsforThrills CopyCats

May 21, 2012

Someday . . . .

 shirt: discovery  pants: express  shoes: target

Someday I will get to celebrate Mother's Day as a mom. 

Someday I will not have to fight the jealousness in my heart as I watch my friends get pregnant and have babies.  

Someday I'll make crafts, projects and buy baby things for my own baby.  

Someday we won't be praying every night for a baby, but will be praying for a baby we have. 

Someday when we talk about what we'll name our babies it will be because we have one on the way.

Someday my strong desire to be a mom will be fulfilled.

Someday this will all just be part of our story. 

. . . and hopefully someday very soon I will be pregnant and we will hold a baby of our own.

In the next few weeks Chris and I will start our next phase to try to get pregnant.
The chances of it being successful are high, as well as our hopes, but I know that God is the one who is ultimately in control of it all. 

I'm feeling nervous and scared to start the process again, 
but excited that this could be the end of our struggle and the start of our family.

I'm daily working to give it up to God and am thankful for his control and comfort in our lives.

May 20, 2012

Dress your Age

 shirt: forever 21  jeans: kohls  shoes: target

It never fails that every time we have a parent event at school I get some comment about looking too young to teach.  As the years have gone by, they have become fewer, but there is always at least one. 

At open house last week one of my students' grandpas came up to me and asked me how long I've been doing this.  When I told him 5 years he replied, 

"What, did you start when you were 12?" 

Why, yes I did.  Isn't it amazing they let 12 year olds teach 9 year olds these days?

After telling him I started after I graduated college he then began a long string of odd questions like, 

So is that your desk over there?

Do you sit there all day?

Do the kids really sit in desks like this? 

Do they sit there all day? 

Needless to say it was a long, very awkward conversation.  

 Now it just makes me laugh, whereas it used to make me feel self conscious,
 but as people always tell me, I know I will appreciate it someday.  

May 17, 2012

High Five for Friday

 shirt & skirt: jcpenny  belt: target  shoes: dsw

 1. This skirt is in desperate need of some ironing.  I really only use my iron when I am making a project, but should probably take it out more often.  The intended pleats of this skirt are pretty impossible to find. 

2.  One of my students just told me last week that his last name is not spelled Elliot but is spelled Elliott with two t's.  I've been spelling it wrong on everything the entire year, and he decides that I should know when we have three weeks left of school.  

3.  I plan on making this popcorn this weekend as a thank you to my parent volunteers.
And I look forward to many taste tests along the way.

Cinnabon Popcorn
Cinnabon Popcorn | The Girl Who Ate Everything

4. Tonight is open house at my school.  Today I had the students write a little thank you flower to their parents for something they've done throughout the year.

Apparently I've failed to teach my students how to spell. 

And it appears that one of my students had a life crisis this year without me knowing it.

5.  Monday was our 7 year anniversary and I woke up to these beautiful flowers and a card titled The best 7 years of my life.  

If I knew how to use twitter I believe I might write something like #luckywife

One summer goal - figure out twitter.  

May 15, 2012

Pleats & Shoes

skirt: Kohls  shoes & shirt: target  

I've seen a lot of pleated skirts around blogs and pinterest and I think they are so pretty.  I found this one at Kohls the other week and it was only $7.  I debated about buying it for awhile because I think it is a little too close to matching my skin color.  

When my sister is home it is pretty much a given that we will go to Target at least once.  I bought these wedges for $8.  And I bought two more pairs of shoes while she was here. 

The sandals were only $4 and then while we were out of town for the wedding I realized I forgot to pack a pair of flats to wear at the rehearsal.  So I made another trip to Target and bought these leopard flats for $15.  Can't complain about having to solve that problem!

Add up my recent purchases of a skirt and three pairs of shoes and it is only $34. 

I think I need to find a new job as a bargain shopper. 

Now despite the fact that these were all incredibly cheap I should probably stop buying shoes and clothes for awhile.  Not only do I really not need any more shoes, but my closet is running out of space!

May 14, 2012

Wedding weekend

dress: francesca's  shoes: kohls

(Sorry for the poor quality photo but here is what I wore for my brother's rehearsal dinner.) 

My brother's wedding weekend was wonderful!  Everything was perfect and we had so much fun celebrating Lauren and Jacob. 
Here are some pictures from the weekend:

before getting our nails done and Travis as the ring bearer

rehearsal dinner

I'm so happy and excited that Lauren is officially my sister.  Chris and I were honored to be a part of their big day and are thrilled that we have so many memories ahead with Lauren and Jacob!  

What a great weekend!

May 13, 2012

Happy Anniversary

On May 14, 2005 my dad walked my 20 year old self down the aisle to marry you.  
My first boyfriend and my best friend.    

Sometimes I think the last seven years have flown by and others I can't even remember life without being married to you.  

The other day I was looking through our wedding scrapbook and found our wedding vows written out.  While we've both made mistakes and have had to ask for forgiveness many times, I'm so thankful that we have held true to our promises to each other.   God has blessed our marriage, year after year, for the last seven years.  

I know without a doubt we've made each other better people.  
We balance each other out in so many ways, 
and have grown and changed so much in the last seven years.   

Our first year of marriage seems like so long ago.  Living in our 700 square foot duplex and both being full time college students.  While marriage took some adjusting to, our life together was pretty easy and wonderful.

This last year has been by far the most challenging year we have faced.  God has broken us and drawn us closer to Him and closer to each other.  Even though this year has been incredibly tough, I wouldn't trade it.  We've become a different, stronger and closer couple.  
I couldn't ask for a better man to go through life with and daily thank the Lord for giving you to me.  

Whatever is ahead for us I know we will spend it loving each other and growing together.  

I love you Christopher Jason Vale. 

Happy 7 year anniversary!